The gastronomic experience is one of the most crucial elements of the luxury yacht experience. On board, you have the yacht’s private chef creating culinary feasts for each meal, but you’ll also want to come ashore to visit some of the world’s most spectacular restaurants. Arrive in style, either stepping off the boat and walking in the warm night air to the restaurant, or speeding up to the restaurant’s jetty – James Bond-style – in your yacht’s tender. Read on to discover five of the finest restaurants accessible by yacht.

360°, Dubrovnik

If you seek divine gastronomic experiences on your Adriatic yacht charter, Croatia is the place to be. Croatia’s fine dining scene is really hotting up, with two new restaurants gaining Michelin stars in 2018. 360° in Dubrovnik is one of the East Med’s most superb restaurants accessible by yacht, located high on the city walls above the marina. With tables set atop the battlements, it’s hard to imagine a more romantic setting for an exquisite meal of innovative Mediterranean flavours, paired with an award-winning wine list. Book a table an hour before sunset and drink in the spectacular views over the ramparts and sea. The restaurant doesn’t have a jetty, but the short walk through Dubrovnik’s winding streets is the best way to get into the mood for the evening.

Waku Ghin, Singapore

Dock your yacht in Marina Bay Sands beneath the very swanky Marina Bay Sands Hotel, most famous for its immense infinity pool stretching across the three towers. The complex has multiple fabulous restaurants accessible by yacht, led by celebrity chefs including Gordon Ramsay, but the gourmet pinnacle is the Waku Ghin, an 8000-square-foot restaurant headed by master chef Tetsuya Wakuda. Expect the very best of Japanese cuisine in a refined atmosphere with a 10 course degustation, before heading up to the rooftop cocktail bar to enjoy dizzying views over the city, or to the casino for a high-rolling game of blackjack.

Ristorante La Tonnarella, Amalfi Coast

Whilst this restaurant isn’t technically Michelin-starred, with a view and atmosphere like this one we’re sure you’re not going to mind. Located on a tiny beach beneath sheer cliffs and best accessed by yacht tender, this rustic alfresco restaurant has been serving celebrities and royalty since the 1960s, with guests including Jackie Kennedy and the Princess of Hanover. Set on the steep Amalfi Coast at Conca Dei Marini, tables sit on smooth beach pebbles and look out across the bay to the grand villas and Saracen fortifications perched on the opposite cliff. Sit back, listen to the water lapping at the rocks, and wait for a plate of deliciously fresh seafood to arrive in front of you.

Bonita, St Barts

Overlooking the superyachts in Gustavia Harbour, Bonita’s decor is pure beach house glamour, and serves up a stunning fusion of French and South American cuisine by executive chef Laurent Cantineaux. Expect a refined clientele of movie stars and supermodels and a mood of relaxed indulgence, as you soak up the cocktails and the resident DJ sets the tone for the evening. With the restaurant located only a couple of minutes’ walk from the marina, it’s very easily accessible from your St Barts yacht charter or tender.

 La Vague d’Or, St Tropez

This glittering coastline is the birthplace of superyacht glamour, with Michelin-starred restaurants scattered right across the Cote d’Azur. However, only two of have reached the dizzying heights of holding three Michelin stars, and only one of these is restaurants is accessible by yacht: La Vague d’Or at La Residence de la Pinede. This exclusive chateau is located in a grove of shady pines on the edge of the Gulf of Saint Tropez and is serviced by its own private jetty, making tender access from your anchored superyacht a breeze. With a kitchen run by the celebrated chef Arnaud Donckele, expect fine French gastronomy from the dreamy garden terrace overlooking the Mediterranean. A gourmet superyacht charter on the French Riviera will also want to journey along the coast to the Provence vineyards, many of which are also accessible by yacht.

These are just a tiny sample of the magnificent restaurants accessible by yacht. There’s no finer way to arrive in style at a restaurant than by superyacht, and your yacht crew will be more than happy to make further recommendations as well as VIP reservations.