You know how the rumor goes, that everything is trying to kill you in Australia? Well, that’s mostly true.

I say mostly because everything trying to kill you besides the people, as they’re quite welcoming to foreigners and especially those from the Commonwealth countries.

Despite how Australia may have been described to you in the past, it has one of the best infrastructures in the world right now, and that infrastructure comes with amazing hotels and bunch of fun activities alongside them.

Let’s try to find out about five of the best-to-stay hotels with the Aussies.

Pullman Reef Hotel

The Pullman Reef Hotel is in one of the best places in Australia. Not only does the hotel provide luxurious rooms and services, but the location it is at is also a great addition to the value. The Trinity Inlet and cruise liner terminal allow it access to maritime activities such as boat rentals and various other yacht tours.

As already mentioned, the accommodation itself is designed to resemble luxury and modern symmetry. Nearly every room is designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible with views on the ocean as well as some garden below.

Furthermore, the hotel comes with a casino for those interested in spending their time wagering and having fun below deck. And space is exclusively for tenants, therefore you won’t have just any average Joe there.

Lasseters Centre of Entertainment

Lasseters hotel is completely revolved around entertaining their guests as much as possible. There are events almost every day for the visitors to enjoy while they sunbathe at the hotel’s heated pool and various open sky bars and restaurants.

The visitors are commending the location for having one of the best steak and Spanish tapas to start your day off correctly and enjoy a worry less time of relaxation.

The visitors can also indulge in the local casino in the evening with drinks of every caliber and nationality, alongside games that are quite hard to find anywhere else in Australia.

Elements of Byron

This hotel is sometimes ranked as the best available in Australia due to its amazing location in New South Wales.

The visitors are pleased with the hotel’s close proximity of the Belongil Beach which is considered to be one of the tourist-heavy beaches in Australia, but the visitors of Elements of Byron get their own space.

The hotel also considers family visits and offers its services to take care of the kids while the adults have fun in the numerous bars and restaurants on the hotel’s site.

Unfortunately, the hotel does not have a casino on site, but it does supply the visitors with Wi-Fi and instructions on where to find one of the best Australian online casino out there, if they are interested in that type of entertainment.

The Darling

The Darling is something you would call a get-away hotel for most visitors. It prides itself with the numerous spa sessions, recreational pools and a lot of training in the fitness centers.

The hotel has made sure that everything about the visit screams relaxation, and therefore have designed their bedrooms in a way that only positive vibes can be felt. One could describe the rooms as modern sci-fi shapes due to the symmetry and colors used. Everything in the hotel tries not to be too taxing on the mind, therefore expect darker colors.

There is a casino available in the hotel, but it is designed for those who have the VIP access, meaning that not everybody can get in, which is nice. Gambling in a relaxation-oriented hotel may not be the best decision unless you absolutely want to do it.

Treasury Brisbane

If you are a fan of history, more specifically the history of the 18th and 19th century, then Brisbane may be the best place for you to visit in Australia.

The hotel is designed in a Victorian English manner and represents everything that is posh and luxurious. The hotel expertly uses white sheets to cover all of their furniture in order to make the visitors feel like they’ve just stepped through time and appeared in the Buckingham Palace in 1855.