It’s all too easy to sit at home, fantasising over exotic destinations and the different types of holidays that are out there. Now, we can book onto a tropical cruise or jet off on a city break halfway across the world – all at the press of a few buttons.

If you’re worried about how to organise your trip, it’s worth considering booking with a tour operator. Leave your holiday in the hands of the professionals, such as Saga . To help you along the way, we’ve narrowed it down to five of this year’s most popular trends. 

Continental Tours 

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It’s hard to pinpoint just one country to visit in a continent. After all, if you’re going to be cooked up in a plane for god knows how long, then you want a decent taste of whichever part of the world you’re visiting. Holiday companies have cottoned onto this, offering tailor-made routes which put the best of a region on a (usually) sun-tinted platter. You’ll be able to venture across South America, Europe, or wherever else floats your boat, free from the hassle of organizing the journey yourself. 

River Cruises 

You’d be surprised at how many of a country’s best attractions are linked by rivers. Long ago, these waterways were often the centre of industrial activity, so naturally, communities networked around them. Fast forward to the present day, and many of these rivers are still used in a similar fashion, but have brought with them picturesque cities packed with cultural and historic sites. 

Ocean Cruises 

If that’s awoken the boater in you, then you might want to think about taking an ocean cruise. A huge proportion of the globe is covered by water – two thirds, to be precise – so why not get out there and sail across it? Not only is the experience of being out in the open ocean extremely exhilarating, it’s also a fantastic way to see different countries and make treasured holiday memories. 

City Breaks 

Holidays don’t always have to be about beaches, tranquility, and becoming one with nature, far from it. Delve into the hustle and bustle of a city and immerse yourself within local bars, restaurants, and cultural allures. Europe has more than its fair share of pretty metropolises, with Paris, Amsterdam, and Prague attracting tourists for their galleries, rivers and unrivalled atmospheres. Why not opt for a few days of indulgence and discover a different country’s urban charms?

Beach Holidays 

There’s one holiday trend which isn’t going anywhere – the good old fashioned beach vacation. The sensation of lazing about on a sandy strip, living life at a slower pace, and catching some much-needed sun is timeless. When you’ve got weather like the UK, the thought of a lounger and waves lapsing around you is all the more appealing. Picture Spain’s shores, or Greece’s sun-kissed sands. It’s easy to fly off to your own slice of paradise, lose yourself in a good book, and return home feeling pampered and invigorated, and that’s why beach breaks remain popular amongst holidaymakers everywhere. 

There you have it – five top trends, each with a charm entirely of their own. With that all in mind, where will your next holiday take you?