Visiting New York, especially New York City, can make for a trip full of memories and excitement. However, it can also break the bank. Many attractions come at a premium, and daily expenses like food and parking add up. To help you see the big city in style but still on a budget, check out  these 5 ways to save money and get discounts when visiting New York.

Where To Find Broadway Tickets At A Better Price

Of course, if you want to go to New York City, you probably want to see a Broadway show. It’s true that you can catch some of the classics at big city theaters near you, but the Broadway experience is unforgettable. The scale of the stage is usually larger, the shows are on the cutting edge, and the actors are the best in the world. There’s truly nothing like Broadway.

Broadway is a key part of the NYC experience, but it’s also one of the most expensive parts. And the bigger your family/friend group, the bigger the price. One way to find cheap Broadway tickets is to try the TKTS booth in Times Square. Look right under the big red stairs at the center of Times Square, and you’ll see the booth tucked under. TKTS offers discounted seats to that day’s performance, essentially the last few unsold tickets. The one challenge with this is that you might not find enough seats for a large group, but you can probably get enough for a small family.

If it’s large group rates you’re looking for, you’ll want to check with tour guides or sites like You probably won’t find group tickets for big hits like Hamilton, but you’re likely to find plenty of seats for long-running shows like Phantom of the Opera or Wicked. Another way to save on theater seating is to skip Broadway entirely and look into Off-Broadway. The shows tend to be less glitzy and more experimental, but they’re just as riveting and well acted. If the goal is simply to see a show in NYC, Off-Broadway is a safe bet.

Don’t Shop For Souvenirs In Times Square

NYC is famous for its huge stores with big price tags. Times Square and Rockefeller Center are shopping destinations, but also where you actually don’t want to shop. This is especially true when it comes to NYC-themed merch or sports stuff–you might end up spending $30 to buy an “I Heart NY” t-shirt when you can find one for $10 downtown. Instead of paying Times Square prices, do your shopping below 34th street and look for smaller shops.

If you really want to shop in Times Square or Rockefeller, be sure to avoid places like Forever 21 or Gap, which just have overpriced versions of what you’ll find back home. Instead, narrow your search down to exclusive brand stores like Nintendo NY or the Harry Potter Store. These locations actually carry unique merchandise that you won’t find in the mall.

Promo Codes For New York Sports Betting

New York now has legal sports betting, allowing you to place bets while you watch the latest Yankees or Knicks game. Seeing a game at Madison Square Garden is the goal, and soon you’ll be able to place bets from the stadium’s kiosks as well.

Online gambling is the new trend that’s captivating the country. Sports betting was always a thing among local friends, but new laws are allowing bets to be placed legitimately using smartphone apps and casino websites. The majority of US states allow sports betting and some have online casinos. New York doesn’t allow casinos but does allow sports betting through the use of apps. The trend has gone over very well in the state, with billions of revenue dollars being reported. Certain NY teams have even teamed up with sports betting platforms to make exclusive deals that will add perks for members and even exclusive sports betting lounges.

The big reason for sports betting’s rise is convenience. For the longest time, many areas had no means of gambling. This was especially true in New York, where the closest casinos are upstate or in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Even after sports betting was legalized, it was first put into practice in casinos only. Sportsbook apps were up and running in January 2022, bringing sports betting to people all over the state but in NYC in particular. As one might imagine, this brings the thrills and profits of gambling to millions of people who never had it or needed to take a long trip to get it. Not only does this allow residents all over the state to play, but tourists too.

In NY, you can find apps that allow you to bet on live games. This includes all major league sports and even some minor ones like college leagues. The apps are offered through some of the most reliable sportsbooks services in the country: brands such as DraftKings, FanDuel, Caesars, and BetMGM New York. They offer secure storage of your money and fast withdrawal of your winnings. You can even use digital services like PayPay for quicker transfers.

The best way to enjoy sports betting on a budget is the use of promo codes. The major sports betting platforms let you use promo codes when you first signup for their platforms in order to get benefits like free bets or deposit matching for your money. Pay attention to the many commercials and internet ads for the likes of BetMGM and DraftKings, they’ll likely repeat the current codes. Rewards programs are also a great way to save money when using sports betting apps. If you plan to bet a lot, you can cash in your points for free bets, event tickets, and more.

Don’t Spend All Your Money On Parking 

If you plan to spend a while in NYC, one killer expense is parking. The few parking structures that dot the city all charge a premium because they know you need their services. However, there is a way to avoid getting totally overcharged. The best is a site called SpotHero, which will show you the cheapest available spots and let you reserve them ahead of your trip. Another good service to use is Icon Parking. They have several structures in the most wanted areas of the city like Times Square. You can also reserve spots ahead of time and take advantage of deals if you plan to park for a longer period of time.

Central Park Is Always Free

Whatever the season, you can enjoy Central Park for free. The warmer months offer a better long-term experience as you can walk the many paths and check out the scenery. It’s still a beautiful sight in the winter, but those who don’t like the cold won’t want to go out too long. If you are in a spending mood, you can visit a zoo, dine at the famous Tavern on the Green, and take in various museums and art centers. The museums are great low-budget attractions, as many offer free or low-price tickets.

Another great park to check out is Bryant Park near Grand Central Station. During the winter holidays, there’s a craft market. You can get a nice warm drink and window shop as you stroll along the park. There’s also a historic library in Bryant Park that is free to visit.