Haven’t heard of Timisoara? The second biggest city in Romania is the place to hit up this year for some of the finest food joints that are still beautifully untouched by tourists. Think arty patisseries and rich salads – here are the best foodie spots you need to try on your visit:

1. For Beautiful Burgers: Kiosk

What: This Instagrammable cafe is full of young families and hipster students. With its repurposed cooking utensils and doors for walls, the huge ceiling-to-floor windows let the light flood in till late in the evening where it’s just as popular with the locals for a light dinner.

Eat: They’re known for their burger sliders and choice of nine dips; you can have them all if you ask! Fried food that is often heavy and greasy, Kiosk keep it light but tasty. And their buttermilk chicken is full of flavour and crunch alongside their peppery chips.

Don’t miss: The magic of their cheese dumplings will amaze you; think less savoury and greasy, and more deliciously sweet – tasting like mascarpone doughnuts with Nutella and jam.

Where: Strada Episcop Augustin Pacha, Timișoara, Romania

2. For Quick Lunches: Suppa

What: Whilst open in the morning, at midday it goes from 0-60 as the locals rush from their offices for a quick lunch break, with queues going out of the door. Suppa has two different rooms next door to each other; one like a darker speakeasy, and one full of light and minimalist pastel decor for whatever takes your fancy.

Eat: The choices include heavier creamy soups to lighter broths, made in big steel vats you’d likely see in a school canteen. The flavour is rich and luxurious, exactly what you need for a warming lunch.

Don’t Miss: The options change daily, but don’t forget to grab a bag to fill with unlimited crispy bread for dunking.

Where: Strada Emanoil Ungureanu, Timișoara 300079, Romania

3. For Fine Dining: Restaurant Merlot 

What: One of the fanciest restaurants in the city, Restaurant Merlot boasts fresh French and Italian inspired cuisine that are put together with thought and detail. The Art Nouveau interior transports you back to the jazz era; you’ll come for the food and stay for the live music.

Eat: The truffle pasta and seafood options will be hard to choose between but it’s the puddings you’ll be raving about, such as a decadent chocolate lava cake and authentic crepe suzettes.

Don’t Miss: The panko crusted tuna fish with lentils is delicious and with a poached egg alongside, has all the taste without the heaviness of some of the creamier dishes.

Where: Splaiul Nistrului 1, Timișoara, Romania

4. For Bruschetta Lovers: Salad & Chic

What: Formerly known as See You Again, Salad & Chic rebranded to appease to all of your light lunch dreams. It boasts the best mix of salads, bruschetta and coffees for a brunch break, as well as warming smells of pasta wafting from the kitchen, ready for the dinner punters.

Eat: Their bruschetta platter is stella – with houmous, olives and mozzarella making them perfect for a light snack, otherwise their salads give a variety of flavours for even a non-salad lover.

Don’t Miss: The peanut butter latte that brings people flocking for the creamy, caffeine hit.

Where: Strada Eugeniu de Savoya 8, Timișoara 300085, Romania

5. For Simple Flavours: Musiu 

What: A walk out of the city and into a quiet neighbourhood is Musiu. The outside courtyard and bar are bustling when summer comes around, and the inside delivers a haven of kooky furniture like gold plated sheep and mismatching clocks. The bohemian vibe and homemade, filling dishes make you feel like you’re sitting in your mad aunt’s living room.

Eat: The food itself is rich and filling; rich pesto pasta with halloumi is made from scratch in their kitchens. The cocktails are super affordable, with a fruity drink called the Hugo finishing off one of the finest meals in the city.

Don’t Miss: The walnut and halloumi salad has the texture that is often missing in salads, as well as being so filling you’ll need to sit down for a while after consuming.

Where: nr.1B, Strada Mareşal Alexandru Averescu, Timișoara 300773, Romania

Photo Credit: Sebatataru

6. For Pretty Patisseries: Senneville 

What: A patisserie boutique cafe that caters for weddings and parties, Senneville’s pastry chef has 15 years of experience in France and offers signature macarons and cakes. The details on the desserts are divine, so it comes as no surprise that this cafe supplies most of the hotels in the city.

Eat: Crisp macaroons, triple chocolate mousse cakes, buttery croissants – you’ll be taken for choice as to what is on offer from the finest French delicacies. Go with your eyes and pick the prettiest, decorated with various fruits and chocolate shavings.

Don’t Miss: Their boxes of eclairs come in flavours such as caramel, strawberry and pistachio.

Where: Strada Gheorghe Lazăr 30-32, Timişoara 300386, Romania

7. For Fresh fish: Restaurant Sabre

What: One of the few fish restaurants in the city, it’s the chilled atmosphere and fresh fish that has made Restaurant Sabre famous. Despite being nearly 800km away from the sea, you wouldn’t be able to tell as it prides itself on quality seafood. The outside patio is cozy and inviting with a miniature lake you’ll have to battle to get a table on for the best view of the place.

Eat: The Sabres Trio Supreme is a must for any meat lovers with beef steak, tuna fillet and tiger prawns.  But the seafood in lemon and garlic is divine and unshareable with black mussels and calamari.

Don’t Miss: The Sabres Seafood Coup, it’s everyone’s favourite for a reason, bragging a mix of octopus, shrimps, mussels and calamari in a rich sauce.

Where: Strada Craiova, Timișoara 300587, Timișoara, Romania

8. For Colourful Burgers: Dodo Bistro Boutique 

What: Based in Union Square, the view from the restaurant is what attracts the tourists. But this joint isn’t the standard burger joint; all burger meat is made fresh and the burgers are coloured depending on the flavour you go for.

Eat: For meat lovers, the beef burger is coloured with cuttlefish ink, and the pink pork burger coloured with beetroot to make them a vibrant black and pink for a colorful experience without tasting synthetic.

Don’t Miss: The bright green vegetarian burger is one not to be missed, coloured with spirulina and rich in flavour.

Where: Piața Unirii 4, Timișoara 300085, Timișoara, Romania

9. For Brunch: Brunch: Grab & Go 

What: Priding themselves on tasty street food is what Brunch: Grab & Go believe in. Their three options of burger, salad or sandwich keep it simple; they are all made in front of you with their on-the-go bar, or you can choose to sit inside the chic cafe at one of the few tables.

Eat: The salads come with a variety of pre-made options, or make your own with fresh and locally sourced ingredients and dressings.

Don’t Miss: The Brunch Special with gorgonzola cheese and bacon is both rich and refreshing for a salad to take with you.

Where: Bulevardul Mihai Viteazu 28, Timișoara, Romania

10. For Sourdough Pizza: La Pizza Napoletana

What: Run by one single man, the beauty of La Pizza Napoletana is owner Horace’s dedication to his food. Only open between 5pm-11pm, he cooks until his finely created sourdough bases run out, not wanting to sacrifice on flavour and only working in small batches.

Eat: All of the taste comes in the rich, sweet sourdough base cooked to perfection in the brick oven. The authentic tomato sauces and mixture of toppings including chicken, prosciutto ham and pesto will entice you to order them all to try.

Don’t Miss: The Pizza Marinela – a fresh take on a pizza with pumpkin cream, basil and fresh broccoli.

Where: Str. Arges, no. 18, 300 593, Timișoara, Romania