There are few things more rewarding as a parent than being able to watch the excited faces of your kids as they start to learn more about the world through travel! But with a whole planet out there, it can be tricky to know where to start! We present a bit of inspiration for your inner travel bug…

African Safari

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If there’s one place many people feel the urge to visit at least once in their lifetime, it is Africa. Something about the endless horizons, primal bush and untamed wilderness of Africa calls to all of us. Brimming over with magnificent wildlife and natural wonder, it is a fantastic place to instil a love of Nature in your children that can last a lifetime.

And let’s be honest – with exchange rates in your favour, this is probably one of the best value for money experiences too!

With such amazing wildlife, we sometimes forget that there are rich cultural experiences to be had in Africa too. For this, we recommend Thanda Safari, which offers a unique chance to immerse yourself in the proud Zulu culture of South Africa, and experience a Big Five game experience at the same time.

Hit the beach, Byron Bay style!

While it may be easy to overlook Australia as a holiday possibility, this lonely continent boasts some of the most beautiful coastline on Earth, and of course, the seaside appeals to children of all ages. At the unique Byron Bay beach, kids get to experience fun in the sun along with something truly unexpected – the resident penguin population of Phillip Island entertains half a million visitors each year!

Adventures in Canada

Your kids may have only ever seen bears and mounted police on TV, but visiting the Canadian Rockies makes for a potentially adventure-packed journey that the kids will never forget! Grand American Adventures offers a Canadian outdoor adventure holiday package including hiking, biking, canoeing and rafting perfect for the active family, and what could be more romantic for mom and dad than a rustic, secluded wood cabin in the mountains?

Our list of ultimate family holidays continues with…

The classic ski resort holiday!


Not everyone takes to skiing, but there’s a good reason this activity has become a holiday classic! Great for older kids, the experience can be a great way to bond and try a new skill out together. Val Thorens in France is famous for its multiple skiing schools that cater for all ranges from complete beginners up to intermediates, and boasts many world class restaurants too.

A Thai excursion for those with younger brats- um, kids…

Phuket in Thailand has become synonymous with affordable holidays and getaways, so it may not be surprising that most resorts in the area are increasingly providing activities that keep the young ones entertained so that mom and dad can get some well deserved relaxation! Kids clubs are common features at hotels here, catering for most age groups and offering a wide variety of activities from meeting baby elephants to computer games – all under adult supervision while you unwind on the beach or in the spa.

We hope we’ve given you some food for thought in planning your ultimate family holiday adventure!