People who study and work hard need to take a break from time to time and enjoy their lives a little. However, when at work you can simply take a vacation and go somewhere you have always wanted, with a student life, it is never that simple.

The fact is that in order to plan a trip you need to be sure of the fact that you can afford it. Besides, what should you do about your studies if there is a dissertation ahead? Apparently, these two simple but incredibly annoying obstacles are the ones to keep you from seeing the world. However, we have a proper way out when it comes to both. The thing is that today we are going to discuss places that you can visit even if all you have to offer is a college budget. As for the dissertation, we know where you can buy dissertation online! With the professionals in writing as the has to offer you can both travel to see the world and have your dissertation successfully written for a fair price!

So, let’s have a closer look at the places we have gathered here for you!


In case you want to see an exotic and mysterious country then you need to at least consider Columbia. Caribbean coast, Andean mountains, and Amazon jungle all this is Columbia. If that is not convincing enough, then we need to bring up tasty and unusual cuisine and beautiful and open people. Despite all these alluring facts, Columbia is incredibly cheap to travel to and to spend time in as well. Think about it!


Another exotic country on the list is Ecuador. Rain forest, volcanos, and mesmerizing architecture are what the country can offer to a tourist. It should be mentioned that no matter the list of attraction the country is very cheap so that even a student with the lowest budget will be able to afford it.


Those of you who like to explore new territories as well as conquer new mountain tops should think about Bolivia in the first place. The country has to offer all that is necessary to fulfill your exploration ambitions. All that and a lot more can be afforded by almost anyone.


If you want to experience something thrilling and observe a living volcano Nicaragua should be your country of choice. Two main elements – fire and water seem to be dancing in an exciting dance – that is how people who have been there, describe the country. Compelling description, isn’t it?

Costa Rica

If you wish to learn how to surf or you are already an experienced surfer, and all you want is to ride the waves without unnecessary expenses, then you need to consider Costa Rica. There is no need to break the bank to go there and do what you do best, we can assure you on that. That is why Costa Rica is a country to be on your low-budget traveling list!


If you are captured by old legends and stories, then you need to visit Romania that is for sure. Old, mysterious castles, ancient-looking villages and people who believe in witchcraft up to this day – what can be more exciting?


Those who wish to have a relaxing vacation with beaches and bumping nightlife for a small price – you surely need to visit Thailand. The country will offer you those listed above points altogether with great culture, delicious cuisine, and other things.

As you can see, you do not need to be filthy rich to see the world. What is more, most of the exciting countries to visit will charge you a small price with so much to offer!