Tucked away on a quiet side street in the  eclectic neighbourhood of Notting Hill sits the iconic Portobello Hotel. Unlike the nearby thronged Portobello Market, this boutique hotel remains an urban retreat despite being located in the heart of west London.


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Founded in 1971 and comprised of two converted mansions, the neo-classical structure features 21 romantic bedrooms. Each room offers locally made artisan chocolates and a generous supply of fragrant toiletries by Green and Spring. Complimentary breakfast in bed is presented on vintage china from Portobello Market and is not to be missed.



Accommodations range from cosy attic rooms to larger and more extravagant spaces. Such as room number 13; with its enormous princess and the pea, four-poster bed that originated in Hampton Court Palace, it requires a set of steps to be reached. Since opening, Portobello Hotel has been a safe haven for those in the entertainment industry. Rooms like the famous number 16 features a glorious 8 ft. circular bed and Victorian bathtub. This room has hosted celebrities including Tim Burton, who flooded the floor below by repeatedly moving from bath to bed; Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, who filled the tub with champagne and stowed away for days; and Alice Cooper, who also favoured the bathtub, to contain his boa constrictor.


Some of London’s best restaurants and bars are only a stone’s throw away, as everything is within walking distance. The staff provides refreshments around the clock as well as arranging takeaways for hungry guests. Have cocktails in the honesty bar or tea in the sitting room, and enjoy the vibrantly coloured interior. The common areas are filled with gilt-framed paintings, decadent curtains, and antique furniture pulled up to mahogany round tables.


You’re sure to relish in this luxury that sets the scene for the balcony overlooking the verdant Stanley Gardens. One would never realise such tranquility could exist moments away from the hustle and bustle of the capital’s largest flea market. Whether you’re looking for a perfect place to stay on your holiday to London or just in need of a break from city life, Portobello Hotel is a hidden gem that truly has it all.

Words by Shelby Welinder