The Four Seasons Malaysia: The Lowdown

Embarking on an month long journey through Malaysia, I recently had the privilege of experiencing the Four Seasons charm at not one, but two of their remarkable properties: the serene Four Seasons Langkawi and the cosmopolitan Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur. Each destination offered a distinctive flavour of luxury, weaving together lavish accommodations, impeccable service, and consistently breathtaking surroundings. Whether you are in a rainforest or a massive city, expect the DNA of total luxury of the Four Seasons brand to shine through.

Nestled in the heart of Langkawi’s lush rainforests, the Four Seasons Langkawi encapsulates the true essence of a tropical paradise. From the moment I arrived on the property, you are taken into a  world of natural beauty with a total feel of serenity. The resort’s tasteful design seamlessly merges traditional Malay architecture with contemporary elements, creating an ambiance that both feels authentic to the surroundings and luxurious.

Stepping into the bustling heart of Kuala Lumpur, the Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur effortlessly fuses contemporary opulence with the urban pulse. Housed next to the iconic Petronas Towers (ubiquitous with the image in your head you might have of KL), the hotel is a sanctuary of luxury amid the dynamic lights of the cityscape.


The Four Seasons Langkawi & Kuala Lumpur: The Rooms

My room at the Four Seasons Langkawi was fairly showstopping, set amidst the treetops with breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea. The interior space was of true elegance, a blend of contemporary luxury with all important cultural authenticity. Our room offered a sweeping balcony with comfy sofa that provided the perfect spot to curl up with a book during the tropical storm we experienced during our stay.  In addition to the elegant rooms, the hotel also offers a selection of luxurious villas, each boasting a private pool and exclusive amenities. If you are looking for total seclusion and privacy or travelling with your family, this is totally worth splashing out on.

My haven at Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur exuded modern refinement. The floor-to-ceiling windows framed panoramic city vistas, an ideal backdrop for relaxation after a day of hammering the streets. Every amenity within the room, paired with plush furnishings and motorised curtains (!) underlined the hotel’s dedication to providing a haven of unparalleled comfort.


The Four Seasons Langkawi & Kuala Lumpur: The Food

The Langkawi resort’s restaurants showcases the finest local ingredients, masterfully prepared to create a symphony of flavors. I particularly enjoyed the seafood offerings at Serai, where the catch of the day was transformed into a delectable feast. Sunset cocktails at Rhu Bar provided the perfect prelude to a starlit evening before a sumptuous traditional Malaysian feast at Ikan- Ikan, the highlight was the sticky tamarind fish caught locally, a tangy papaya salad and a tender umami buffalo meat. The resort attracts people for very long stays, we heard some stay for weeks, so for those guests the idea of curation of what you want to do eat is available. This place is also seriously romantic, so much so that as we ate our favourable feast we spotted a proposal at candlelight on the beach.

The culinary offerings at Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur were a testament to a cosmopolitan fast paced clientele. The best breakfast I have ever eaten in my life, a buffet of dreams, unagi eel sushi on rice or baked goods from what looked like a French patisserie.  We ate lunch at The Lounge, an all day spot for afternoon tea and much much more as we munched on a fried chicken salad and a miso cod while sipping on the freshest mint tea with peppermint leaves. Yes we drink hot drinks with our meals!!  We ended the day at Bar Trigona, one of the top 50 voted best bars in the world where they masterfully crafted cocktails to reflect the region of Malaysia with a playful and intelligent twist. This is the place where non drinkers are not left out, as they create alcohol free to match some of their more iconic drinks.

The Four Seasons Langkawi & Kuala Lumpur: The Facilities

The Four Seasons Langkawi transcends being just a mere resort—it’s a comprehensive experience. For transparency the rain was torrential for most of our day, so we missed out on the complimentary watersports available to all guests. In the parallel world where the sun shined (which we add it does most of the time in Langkawi!)  we would have taken a kayak to the nearby islands and swum in the sea on the beach which is 1 mile and half private paradise for guests. There are a plethora of activities available to guests, from guided nature walks, mangrove cruises or a visit to the spa inspired by traditional Malay techniques. However, you would find it hard to drag yourself away from the two pools, one family friendly and one for adults where everyone is offered their own private spot in what looked like an Olympic length pool.

In Kuala Lumpur, what makes this hotel unique is the feeling of being a resort. This is more than a place just to rest your head. The pool area on a high floor in the hotel provides the coolest view of nearby skyscrapers and a great place to find respite from the humidity and drink a pina colada or three. The hotel’s strategic location facilitated easy exploration of Kuala Lumpur’s iconic attractions, allowed us to pop to sites but also have the relaxation holiday time by the pool.


The Four Seasons Malaysia: The Verdict

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience and 101 in guest hospitality combining a stay in Malaysia with both of these properties provides a compelling combination. The only downside, you might find the real world a little hard after leaving these hallowed walls.

Find more information on the Langkawi property here and the Kuala Lumpur property here