We’re not ashamed to admit it – we’re not built for camping, or the great outdoors. Sodden tents, sleeping bags, and bundling on ten jumpers at night to find yourself overheating in the morning is not our vibe. But there is something that we can get on board with: luxury camping, or ‘glamping’. Give us plug points, and a proper bed and we’re happy. When sweaty tube carriages, and the 9-5 rat race gets a little too much – head to Dorset for a few nights at Caalm Camp. Here’s what to expect. No wellies or head torch needed:

Caalm Camp: The Run-Down

Picture this; 6 traditional Mongolian yurts located in an old dairy-farm, and that’s Caalm Camp in a nutshell. Situated down a small country lane, there’s not much surrounding the camp site, except a farm shop and a parish church, but that’s kind of the point.

The yurts aren’t some knock off Nigel job, they’re the real deal. Handcrafted in Mongolia, and finished with traditional painting and design, each yurt can accommodate up to six people. They may look like small from the outside, but don’t be fooled, you can easily fit your whole friendship group in one.

Caalm Camp: What to Expect

We have a taste of yurt life, and believe us, we want more. The yurts are furnished with metal frame beds, luxury bed sheets and duvets, and there’s plug points. The dream. It’s basically an upmarket hotel room outside and that’s what made it so special. Waking up to the song of bird song was magical, and seeing the stars a night sat around our campfire (that we started ourselves no less), was a damn blissful experience. And there’s a little log burner stove inside to keep you nice and snug throughout the night. How thoughtful.

Glamping and winter are not two things we’d normally put together, but the yurts have been made in such a way that they can withstand the most perilous English storms and bitter cold. And believe us, we’re not made for the cold, having just about weened ourselves off our electric blanket – but the yurts were insulated well, and the log burner banged out some heat.

Let’s talk food, because there’s plenty of cooking options here. Each yurt has its own barbecue, so you can grill up a storm alfresco, or there’s a fully equipped equipped kitchen complete with an individual fridge for each yurt in case the weather turns. And before you think about having to dig out the dry shampoo in order to tend to your locks, each yurt has its own luxury private shower room and toilet situated in the Old Hay Barn. Bliss.

Caalm Camp: The Verdict

Caalm Camp is an ideal weekend bolthole to explore the surrounding Dorset countryside and Jurassic Coast. We get so caught up with quick trips abroad, that we so easily forget what beauty is on our own doorstep. You always need a calming place to have in your back pocket what London life gets a little too much, and Caalm Camp ticks all the boxes.

For more information, and to book a stay visit the website here

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