If you’re off to Ibiza, or planning a trip to the notorious party island, make sure you hit these hot spots. Curated by some of the hottest DJs around, they’ve specially selected their favourite places for drinking, dancing and dining. Pack some suncream, and prepare yourself for an onslaught of strawberry daiquiris:

Amine Edge & DANCE


Who: Amine Edge & DANCE are Southern France natives. Known for their high-octane live shows, the duo’s ground breaking sound mixes together 80’s hip-house, tech and a bit of everything else. The chaps are famed for throwing insane parties and being the most stylish there. Catch them at Cafe Mambo on September 13th and Pacha on September 23rd.

Favourite hotel: 


We definitely have big love for Destino, it’s the perfect hotel to rest after long weekends and gigs. Chilled music, an amazing pool, super juices and food – it’s a paradise ambience.

Favourite restaurant: 


We recently discovered Kodo Sushi and it’s our new favourite spot to eat the best sushi on the island. We think we’re kind of experts.

Favourite shop: 

Are there shops in Ibiza?!

Favourite bar: 


It will always be Café Mambo – nice food, ambience and people. The sunset is a religious moment that you can’t miss.

Andrea Oliva 


Who: Andrea Oliva is a Swiss DJ and producer who started to show an interest in music at 12 years old, after being exposed to the sounds he would grow to love by a family member who was also a musician. Fast forward a couple of years, and thanks to secured bookings in his home nation, Andrea now DJs all over the world, including the famous white isle. Catch Andrea at Space on 10th/24th September.

Favourite hotel: 


My apartment is my favourite place to stay in Ibiza. It’s near Talamanca so I’m close to lots of things and have an amazing view of the sea. I stay in hotels all the time (which is also nice), but of course it’s even nicer to be back home.

Favourite restaurant: 


There are so many good restaurants in Ibiza its difficult to name just one. But one I do love is Locals Only in the Plaza del Parque in Ibiza Town. The brunch there is amazing, all the food is locally sourced and it’s right by the castle so you feel like you’re right in the heart of Ibiza.

Favourite shop: 

Probably the only thing missing on the island are some good stores for shopping – it has definitely got better over the years and there are some high-street stores where you can get all the usual stuff, but it’s still not the place for serious shopping. But then, who wants to do shopping on this beautiful island? What is cool is to go to some of the market stalls around the ports or when they do the hippy markets. There you can pick up all kinds of things you don’t see anywhere else.

Favourite bar: 


I’m not really big on going to bars for a drink – but I do love the beach bars and lounges. Places like Sir Rocco, Experimental Beach or Cotton Beach are perfect for relaxing and watching the world go by.

Ellie Cocks


Who: Ellie Cocks is one of the young and exciting residents who forms part of the team at top London party, Abode. Ellie started out in 2012, and immediately began to get bookings. Her style was energetic and uplifting and made people dance, as well as being backed up with her own studio productions that were just as standout. Ellie Cocks will play ABODE events across the summer at their Sankeys Ibiza residency, every Friday.

Favourite hotel: 


My favourite hotel that I’ve been to in Ibiza has to be Ushuaia, as one year some friends had a suite which we went to, and ended up partying on the balcony to ANTS which was pretty cool.

Favourite restaurant: 

My favourite restaurant in Ibiza has to be Relish, I live above it and think the food is amazing and the people are too! Good quality food and great service. If you haven’t tried it out, I would highly recommend.

Favourite shop: 


I don’t really have a favourite shop but I do love to go down the hippy market. I always end up buying random little bits.

Favourite bar: 


The best Bar in Ibiza for me has to be Cafe Mambo! I love going down to watch the sunset and catching the vibe, always a lovely atmosphere down there. I also had the pleasure of playing there for a pre-party during the sun set. Also, the cocktails are amazing – I would recommend the Pineapple Mojito.



Who: Cédric Steinmyller, also known as Klingande is a French DJ and producer who first gained attention in 2013 with his self-released track ‘Punga’. Describing his music as melodic house, Klingande tracks heavily features piano and saxophone solos. Klingande (which is Swedish for chiming), will be supporting Kygo at Ushuaia on Thursday (25th).

Favourite hotel: 


Last time I was in Ibiza my manager booked Sa Talaia for me and I have to say it was one of the nicest places I’ve been to in a very long time. With a very quiet and family ambiance, beautiful rooms, a large pool and a big park around – this luxury and comfy hotel is definitely a place to be, or to stay!

Favourite restaurant: 


Sunset Ashram is the perfect spot for a drink or meal with the backdrop of a beautiful sunset, and it’s known as one of the best sunset spots in Ibiza. I really enjoy the view and the style of the restaurant. If you like cocktails, Mediterranean and Asian food, this is the perfect place for you (and they only use the freshest ingredients).

Favourite bar: 

Bar 1 - 1805-2

I love 1805 in Eivissa, this is a really tiny bar and restaurant, own by a french guy named Charles. You can enjoy the best cocktails I’ve found in Ibiza and the food is great. It’s tiny, rustic, but I love the ambiance.

Bar 2 - S’escalinata

S’escalinata is another great place in the old city of Eivissa, you sit directly in the street on big cushions. You can enjoy some great homemade cocktails and tapas. This is really great to hang out with friends away from the big activity of Playa den Bossa!

Favourite beach:


I really enjoy visiting Cala Salada, it’s pretty tiny and out of the city. This one is perfect – a bit difficult to find, but once you’re there you can enjoy only nature, with the beautiful view around. You can see big villas on top, around the beach, and amongst the trees. It’s a really nice place to chill.

Mambo Brothers

Mambo Brothers Press Book 2014 by Vitorino11 copy

Who: Christian and Alan Anadon are the family duo, better known as the Mambo Brothers. Born and raised in Ibiza, the brothers helped out in the beach-side bar which their parents owned – from washing dishes to helping with table service. Now, the bar is not only known for its sunset and cocktails, but it’s the bar that everyone attends for pre-club parties. Catch the Mambo Brothers in action at Sankeys on 2nd September.

Favourite hotel: 


Hostal La Torre. It’s a quiet and unspoilt spot with ‘that’ Ibiza vibe – the sunset there is stunning and the restaurant is outstanding. It’s also open all year, and is perfect for a winter escape to the island.

Favourite restaurant: 


This is a difficult one as the island has plenty of good restaurants, but we love El Chiringuito at Cala Gracioneta. The spot is amazing, it’s in one of the most beautiful ‘calas’ of the island, and you can have swim while you’re waiting for your food. It also has one of the best Cava Sangrias on the island.

Favourite shop: 


Casa de Alfonso, it’s a small food gourmet shop run by a local family with the best jamon. We always pass by when we’re going out with friends on the boat.

Favourite bar


Pretty obvious… Café Mambo! For us, the best thing about Mambo is the vibe, especially when the sun is setting and everyone connects and starts clapping. It still gives us goose bumps after 21 years. At that time, there’s up to 25,000 people in the area and you can feel the energy. Sunset at Mambo is magic.

Miguel Campbell 


Who: Since the early 90s, Miguel Cambell has been a regular on the house music scene. Miguel has been building on his success, and has recently been working on more music, including recent remixes for Basement Jaxx and RÜFÜS and continuing to travel to foreign shores, spreading his unique brand of funk around the world. Miguel will be playing at Sankeys on 3rd and 17th September.

Favourite hotel: 


I have to say my favourite hotel in Ibiza is Ocean Drive in Marina Botofoch. I have been staying at this hotel for a number of years now and it is always such a pleasure to return as it somehow feels like home. The staff are friendly and the facilities are great.

Favourite restaurant

Tapas San Antonio is the best; I have been going to this restaurant for many years. The food is amazing, and I love the way it feels in there with the lights and cool music. It’s always a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Favourite bar 


I don’t really go out to bars as I am not a big drinker, so the bar that I would say I enjoy the most is the roof top bar in Sankeys. You can drink and smoke, and there are lots of people around to chat to – it even has a cinema and there’s a really fun vibe up there.

Favourite shop 


I love WIPS San Antonio – it stocks all my fave snacks and drinks, you can buy cigarettes and lighters all under one roof. It’s the only shop I look forward to opening in the summer.

Sam Feldt 


Who: Dutchman Sam Feldt has become quite the deep house tastemaker of his day. With amazing remix work as well as solid hits like the early 2015 release ‘Show Me Love’, which proved to be his definite claim to fame, he’s one of the DJs to watch when it comes to a new sound flooding the scene. Sam will be spinning his tunes at  F*** Me I’m Famous at Pacha on 8th September.

Photo credit: Fanny van Poppel

Favourite hotel: 


Ibizazen is an amazing boutique hotel which is situated in a beautiful zen-style garden with a private swimming pool. The owners are Dutch (like me), and are extremely friendly and helpful. The location is perfect to get away from it all, and it’s the the ideal place to relax.

Favourite restaurant: 


Everything about Experimental Beach is right: the location overlooking the Ibiza salt fields, the beautiful vistas at sunset and the amazing menu for both lunch and dinner. My personal favourites; the watermelon feta salad and the burrata (the best one I’ve ever tasted). Great cocktails too!

Favourite shop:


This one might sound a bit strange, but to be honest, I’ve never had the time to really go shopping in Ibiza. The only time I actually bought something was a pair of flip flops at the shop in the lobby of the Hard Rock Hotel. Honorable mention.

Favourite bar:


No matter how much you love the vibe in a nightclub, at some point during the night you just need to get a breath of fresh air (especially in hot and humid clubs like Pacha Ibiza). I really like the bar they put on top of Pacha – it’s outdoor and it’s a great spot to find friends you might have lost during the night, too.



Who: Rowan John Harrington is an American-born British DJ and producer, and the guy behind Secondcity.  Secondcity will be at Tribal Sessions at Sankeys on the 3rd and 24th September.

Favourite hotel: 


My favourite hotel has to be Ibiza Grand Hotel. It’s so chilled and so peaceful, and makes you feel like you’re at a spa retreat. The bar is great, as is the food. There’s nothing around so no noise at all – it’s completely secluded. The total opposite to the usual busy vibe of Ibiza. A close second is Ocean Drive Ibiza.

Favourite restaurant: 


The Beach House is a bar as well as a restaurant, but the fresh fish is great. It has such a cool atmosphere – I really love it there. And it’s so small, so it’s a small sitting of people. It shows a different side to Ibiza, which is nice.

Favourite shop: 


I can’t say I’ve ever done any shopping in Ibiza, and this isn’t really a shop but I love the Hippy Market – it’s wicked. It’s about an hour out of Ibiza, and it’s just got this very cool market vibe. I got a really nice bracelet from there before. Combined with the live music, it doesn’t feel like you’re in Ibiza because it’s so detached from the rest of the island. You have a completely different crowd of people around, and it creates a really good energy.

Favourite bar: 


It definitely has to be Café Mambo – the first time I ever played in Ibiza, that was the first place I was invited to. I went to play there with some Defected people. It was Guti and I playing the pre-party there before we played at an event at the time called Boom. I’d been to Ibiza before but it was the first place I ever played in Ibiza as a DJ. The sun was setting, we were drinking strawberry daiquiris – it was the best time!