Sometimes we just have to get away! Whether it’s just for the weekend, or for a long, planned holiday, taking time out of your busy schedule to clear your mind can make all the difference. If you’re planning on a weekend escape, make it to the Lake District in Northwestern England.

The Lake District is an absolutely stunning area where nature’s beauty is unparalleled! Slow down to really enjoy the beauty around you with a weekend long, self-guided walking tour. This will not only give you an excellent workout, but give you ample opportunity to really take in the scenery around you!

You can choose between a long weekend, or a short weekend getaway. There is an option for three days and four nights, as well as four days and five nights in the Lake District! You can always opt for a stay-cation with the events and bustle of the city on the weekend, or you can choose to seek adventure!

Weekend Vacation Expectation

Traveling for a long period of time can be intimidating. You have to pack for every weather possibility, you have to consider how many times you’ll have to change in a day, and you have to make long-term arrangements to have someone look after your home! It can be such a hassle to leave for so long!

That’s why a weekend getaway is great for those of us who can’t be bothered with making our lives even MORE hectic! You don’t have to worry about packing an absurd amount of clothing, or toiletries, just the basics! You don’t have to worry about asking your best friend to watch your flat for a full week, either. Simply take off on Friday, and make your way back on Monday! A great mini vacation!

Schedule your weekend by making a phone call for this immersive experience. Your accommodations, maps, and a guidebook will be included! You can also choose to have luggage transport, lunches, and extra days and nights included into your package!

Pick a Package

Finding the right travel package for you is incredibly simple. You can choose between two primary itineraries for your weekend getaway! Once you know which remarkable trek you’ll be taking, you can start to plan what to pack and what to expect!

The Western Lakes vacation is the four day five-night walking tour! This trek is rated as challenging, so it’s not for the first time hiker! You should be sure to get a lot of walking practice and hiking in before you schedule this fantastically challenging weekend retreat!

The Central Lakes walking tour is a bit shorter, with three days and four nights. This part of the trail is labeled as moderate to challenging, with only a few parts of the hike that aren’t for the faint of heart! Physically prepare yourself for a few weeks before setting out on this short vacation!

The Central Lakes

There are so many beautiful places in the world, but it’s hard to match the tranquility and peacefulness of walking through the Central Lakes. Planning a weekend to take long Lake District walks is easy when you have such amazing options!

The Central Lakes option of three full days and four nights is great if you have a short weekend! Let’s look at what those days will include, so you can start to plan what you’ll need to take with you!

Night One. Travel to Coniston and spend the night in your lovely accomodations!

Day One. Set out on the trail from Coniston to Ambleside. This day will be approximately 15 miles (24 km). You’ll begin your journey by making your way up the most difficult climb of your entire three-day trip! Hike up to Swirl How and then descend to the Three Shire Stone. You’ll pass the Pike of Blisco and make your way into the Langdale Valley. Your first day is filled with such amazing scenery! Finally, you’ll trek from Langdale Valley all the way over the smaller hills of Loughrigg, and into Ambleside.

Day Two. Day two will be approximately 12 miles (19 km) of hiking from Ambleside to Rosthwaite. Ambleside is an amazing little town with so much to see! You can choose to take your time here in the morning, or set off right away after breakfast! You’ll travel through Grasmere then climb up the spectacular Greenup Edge and into Rosthwaite. The climb up Greenup Edge is lined with boggy moorland, and is particularly steep. Take caution on day two, but be sure to really take in all of nature’s beauty around you!

Day Three. Day three you will journey from Rosthwaite to Braithwaite! This portion of your trip will be 12 miles (19 km) from start to finish. You’ll start from departing from Rosthwaite and hiking towards High Spy by way of Dale Head Tarn. The trail will then take you to Maiden Moor and into Little Town. Pass through town and then make your way up to Stoneycroft path. The trail will take you between Barrow and Outerside before guiding you into Braithwaite. Stoneycroft path will be the most difficult part of this day, with some uneven areas! Be careful walking on the rocky terrain!

Night Four. You’ll spend the night in Braithwaite and then make your way home after breakfast! That’s it! Your extraordinary hike through the Central Lakes is complete!

What to Bring: Central Lakes

Planning your amazing weekend will be simple once you know what to expect! For the Central Lakes package, what you bring with you will depend upon the extras you include on your hike.

If you choose to have your luggage transported for you, then you don’t have to worry about having to trek your gear around with you. Simply pack what you’d like, and it will be waiting for you at each night’s location.

If you want to have the simplest package, then you’ll have to pack what you can carry. Layers, underwear and undershirts for each of the three days, a good pair of hiking boots, and whatever else you can fit in your hiking pack that won’t make you incredibly uncomfortable as you hike!

The Western Lakes

This trek of in the Lake District is the most challenging! If you’re ready for an exhilarating four days and five nights, then hiking through the Western Lakes is the weekend getaway for you. Take yourself on a long-weekend holiday with some of the best views in all of England!

The Western Lakes trails are four days and five nights of hard terrain, spectacular peaks, and astonishing lakes! This trail isn’t for the first time hiker, because it is rated as challenging! Let’s look at what a Western Lakes package includes!

Night One. Your first night you will spend in a lovely accommodation booked for you in Braithwaite.

Day One. Day one you’ll travel from Braithwaite to Buttermere. You will hike along a steady path from Coledale Beck, in the shadow of Grisdale Pike. Crossing Coledale Beck on an old mining trail the terrain gets a bit more challenging. Find your way from the even path into steep climbs and rockier ground on your way to Coledale Hause. Follow Liza Beck, onto Crummock Wather. The western shore of Crummock Water will lead you to Buttermere! Day one is 12 miles (19 km) long!

Day Two. This second full day of hiking is another 12 mile (19 km) long trek. You will walk along the shores of Buttermere and head down into Scarth Gap Pass. From there you’ll descend into Ennerdale valley for some breath-taking views! Cross Black Sail Pass and go into Wasdale valley to spend a little time taking in the sights! Leave Wasdale and go into Eskdale Fell, Burnmoor Lodage, and then follow Whillan Beck into the town of Boot. This day of hiking is pretty clear, but will include a few stone covered bits of trail.

Day Three. Boot to Broughton-in-Furness will be around 14 miles (23 km) of ascending and descending throughout the beautiful trail. The grassy paths, encompassing walls of stone, and stony trails will make for a challenging day! Follow the river Esk to the side of Harter Fell and into Seathwaite. You’ll then have to climb over Dunnerdale Fells and into Broughton-in-Furness for a relaxing evening!

Day Four. On day four you will hike 13 miles (21 km) from Broughton-in-Furness to Coniston. You’ll first travel east, then make your way north to climb the side of The Old Man of Coniston. After your climb, you can enjoy the amazing Lake District views before making your way down into the town of Coniston!

Spend the night in Coniston before heading home after breakfast the next morning!

What to Bring: Western Lakes

Packing for the Western Lakes will be a little more interesting than for the Central Lakes. You’ll have to pack not only for difficult trails, but for more days. We highly recommend upgrading to have your luggage transported for this particular hike.

This way you can walk lightly, taking with you only your water bottle, your essentials in your pack, and whatever else you might want to take with you! You can focus on the views, the physical challenges, and the awe-inspiring peacefulness rather than a hefty hiking pack!

Change Your Ways

Taking a walking tour, no matter where in the world, can change your perspectives on so many things in your life. A self-guided walking tour through the Lake District in England will not only make for an amazing weekend holiday, but will allow you to slow down, and get some clarity!

Whether you choose a short weekend, or a long weekend getaway, your journey through the Lake District will be a holiday you will remember for the rest of your life!