New York City is one of the most popular holiday destinations with over 60 million of us making the trip to this stunning metropolis every year. If you’re considering becoming another visitor, then why not avoid the frugal approach of a budget adventure and make this a luxury trip to remember?

Here are a few ways you could treat yourself:

Top Accommodation

New York has its fair share of luxury hotels and places to stay. One location that really stands out though is the famous St. Regis Hotel, which has been recently renovated but still retains is chic charm – it’s styled like the homesteads of 17th Century French aristocracy. If you’d really like to splash the cash though, then head to the iconic Ritz-Carlton near Central Park.

Travel in Style

While there’s the option to sightsee on foot and use the subway, it’s not particularly glamourous.

Instead you should hire one of the city’s leading limo services and have your driver take you between destinations – with a glass or two of champagne. A good place to end your private tour would be to get out at Central Park and book a horse and carriage ride to take in the picturesque views of this idyllic green space.

Eat the Finest Cuisine

If the restaurant doesn’t have a Michelin Star, then don’t bother – this is about luxury after all! You might think you’re short on options, but the awards for 2019 have just been revealed and there’s an impressive array of dining options to be found. Check out the mouth-watering list here.

Indulge in Retail Therapy

Shopping is of course another big draw to the city and you have a wide selection of department stores to consider. There’s the famous – and huge – Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s which could keep you entertained for a while. However, for the true luxury shopping experience head to the high-end department stores like Henri Bendel, Bergdorf Goodman and of course the one and only Tiffany & Co.

Fly with the Best

When you’ve sorted your potential luxury itinerary, what better way to top it all off then to fly across the pond and back in equally exquisite surroundings?

We of course mean by flying in business or first class where you can be waited on hand and foot, plus many airlines now have beds in their premier lounges so you can get a little rest before you land. You could even step things up a level by hiring a private jet from a provider like VistaJet to cross the skies like an A-lister.

So, what are you waiting for? You only live once so make your next trip to the Big Apple an indulgence that’s sure to be one of the best holidays you’ve ever had.