Many take the ferry from Manila to Bacolod to enjoy the ‘festival of smiles’ or the MassKara festival but what people don’t realize is that Bacolod is also known for their delicacies. More and more people from around the globe are finding their way to Bacolod and once there, they are finding new and wonderful dishes made in such a way not experienced in any other part of the country. The natives of Bacolod are extremely particular about food and hold it to a very high standard. Bacolod holds an intensely rich food culture throughout the city that others have found difficult to surpass.

Bacolod Delicacies

When going on vacation or to a new city, one of the main things that people look forward to is trying the food. It’s always interesting and exciting to try the dishes that are native to the area. Bacolod has many dishes that have been leaked to other areas, but their dishes are still of their own creation and there are still some that haven’t made the rounds outside of Bacolod yet. When taking the ferry from Manila to Bacolod, be sure to sample some of these.

Chicken inasal. This food is said to be a staple in Bacolod. There are chicken inasal stalls and restaurants scattered all throughout Bacolod making it basically the city’s signature dish. It is said that in order to enjoy chicken inasal fully, order it alongside garlic rice and then use sinamak vinegar mixed with chili and calamansi to dip the chicken in. Aside from chicken inasal some other Filipino staples  include isol or chicken butt, talaba or oysters, and chicken skin.

There are a lot of places in the Philippines that are big on Seafood and that is not missed when in Bacolod. Within the city, there are places which are called “pala-pala” in which various different types of fresh seafood are displayed and you are able to decide which you want and how you would prefer to have it prepared. If it’s something that you aren’t sure about or maybe uncomfortable with, you can ask the person who is in charge of what their suggestion would be.

Piaya or Piyaya. This is one of the delicacies that those from the Philippines will mostly give credit to Bacolod for. This is a flatbread that is flaky with dark muscovado sugar. There are also sesame seeds strewn on the outside to offer a nutty presentation. These are available typically in packages in ‘pasalubong centers’.

Bacolod is also famous for the Napoleones which is a puff pastry that is layered and filled with a type of creamy custard and then offers a white-sugared glaze on top.  They are offered in either a small square or a large rectangle. The Napoleones were adapted from the French from whom some influence was received, particularly within Negros Occidental.

The Philippines offers cakes everywhere. They are not just a specialty in Bacolod, but a vacation is not complete if there is not an indulgence in something sinfully sweet.

Whether you take the ferry from Manila to Bacolod for the festival or just to try some really good food, you’re bound to have a wonderful time.