Dubai is one of the brightest cities in the East. It amazingly combines modern business area, and a popular resort, and snow white beaches, and also bustling nightlife. That’s why tourists from all over the world come to Dubai: shopping, beach recreation and business meetings; and most travelers arrive exactly to the international Dubai airport. The airport and city centre only have five kilometers between them. Yet Dubai is located along the Persian Gulf, so to reach some regions you need to cover over 30 kilometers. If you wonder how to get from Dubai airport to the city, you should read our guide.

All transport in Dubai airport

dubai-Burj Khalifa

As in any modern airport, Dubai is provided with different types of transport: tube, buses and taxi. All travelers know that transport in Dubai is new, clean and well-equipped in terms of technologies. The trip by tube from the airport to Dubai will take 50 minutes (including the waiting time) and cost over $1.7. Buses go a bit longer: 1h 20m (price is over $2). Taxi price will depend on the distance to the drop-off point, day of the week and time of day. Transfer price is fixed – $36 for 46 minutes spent in the road.

Tips for choosing transport


A great option for tourists is night bus routes from Dubai airport. That’s why those tourists who arrive in the night can use some other transport apart from taxi, and it’s a rare thing among all the airports in the world. Going by bus is a good way to save some money. The tickets are cheap, and you can purchase them both using automatic cashiers in the airport building and from the driver. Still, we can’t say that bus trip is a suitable option for families with little children and elderly travelers. The climate in UAE is hot and dry, so a long time of waiting for the bus spent under the hot sun right after the arrival can be damaging for your health. If you are traveling with your family, or some people in your group are not feeling well or have lots of bags with them, you better take a taxi on the spot or book a transfer online.

Red tube line trains head off right from the airport. They stop at all the popular places of Dubai. Tickets are not very expensive, but please note that some part of the journey you’ll have to walk with the bags in your hands.

Tube Dubai airport — city centre

  • Red tube line
  • 40+ minutes in the road
  • 5-7 minutes waiting at the stations
  • Price over $1.7
  • Comfort level: high
  • Bus Dubai airport — city centre
  • City buses №2, 4, 11, 15, 33, 44, 401, 402
  • 60+ minutes in the road
  • 7-20 minutes waiting at the bus stop
  • Ticket price $0.5-2.4
  • Comfort level: middle
  • Taxi Dubai airport — city centre
  • Transfer / Taxi on the spot
  • 46 minutes in the road
  • No need to wait (meet at arrival) / taxi 10-15 minutes waiting
  • Price over €30 (+ fees and markups); transfer price is fixed – $36
  • Comfort level: high

Don’t forget to see in Dubai:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Dubai Dancing Fountain
  • Dubai Mall
  • Dubai Aquarium
  • Burj Al Arab Hotel (shaped like the sail of a ship)
  • Palm Jumeirah – artificial archipelago