Relaxation. Meditation. Fitness. Strength. Mindfulness. What’s not to love about yoga? If you want to embrace all the beauty that yoga has to offer, minus the price tag of the studio down the road, then why not practice from the comfort of your own home?

You may be thinking “how do I create the right vibe and atmosphere?” Well, there’s actually some pretty quick and simple ways to do just that. Here’s just what you’ll need to create your own little yoga haven. Did I hear namaste?

A mat. It sort of goes without saying, but you’ll definitely need a mat to practice yoga at home. Why not treat yourself to a high quality one that will help to perfect your flow? The Liforme yoga mat is extra thin, super comfortable and makes it easy to maintain grip.

Music. Now, while many like to practise in peace and quiet, it’s nice to have some music in the background to boost your energy. If you’re doing a slow-flow, then opt for calming melodies. Doing a hardcore vinyasa session? Then pump up the volume with some energetic sounds.

Blocks and straps. If your practise is leading you into tricky postures that you haven’t perfected yet, then you may benefit from having some blocks and straps on hand. They are a super useful tool. Use a strap around the foot to perfect dancer, use a block under your feet to help you into crow, or balance on a block to assist with half-moon.

Aromatherapy oils. Create a peaceful and calming environment by filling the room with beautiful aromatherapy scents. Companies such as Neal’s Yard Remedies do a stunning selection of aromatherapy diffusers and burners that will help create the perfect atmosphere.

Delicate lighting. To create a space that encourages meditation and mindfulness, you need the right lighting. There are a few ways to do this. You could opt for candlelight, filling the room with flickering flames that will help you relax. If this isn’t an option for you, then either pop lamps in each corner of the room, use twinkly fairy lights or dimmed spotlights.

A towel. If you’re doing an intense session, you might want a towel at the ready to de-sweat. There’s nothing worse than being in downward-facing dog and feeling yourself sliding off the mat! That brings us nicely onto our next point…

Liquid chalk. If you regularly suffer from slipping and sliding your way through yoga practise, then this might be your saviour. Simply squeeze a pea-sized amount onto the palms of your hands before you start. Wave goodbye to sweaty palms!