Life in the 21st century has brought not only great change and technological advances, but also an unprecedented amount of choice. That’s why, unlike in previous ages, today it is no longer truly necessary to settle for something that doesn’t perfectly suit your needs or meet your wishes.

Take, for example, the all-important topic of holidays – an indispensable part of most people’s yearly calendar. After you’ve looked forward to and planned your highly anticipated getaway for months and months (or even longer in many cases), it’s simply unacceptable, and even heart-breaking, to arrive for your trip and not have things live up to your expectations. Although this used to happen on a fairly regular basis, currently, because of the wide variety of possibilities available to us in our consumer-savvy, digitally connected era, that’s no longer an experience that anyone should have to endure.

Overcoming Uninspiring Holiday Choices

Not so long ago, most holidays, of necessity, involved hotel stays. When it came time for you to book accommodation in the sought-after destinations across the globe – as well as the lesser-known spots – you’d frequently be left with no other possibility than to select the hotel that seemed to work the best for your purposes. However, this was not always the best solution because, while hotels may have some quite appealing characteristics, they also display substantial limitations as well.
To begin with, hotel rooms – even the largest ones – tend to be extremely limited when it comes to space. So, if you’re travelling together as a family or even a group of friends, this can get quite uncomfortable, to say the least. In addition, hotels often fail to allow much flexibility in terms of mealtimes. And, amenities, such as self-catering facilities are usually out of the question.

All of this can make it a real hardship to enjoy a holiday with children in a hotel room. After all, kids like to spread out and play, making the space constraint even more problematic. Plus, they often get hungry outside “regular” eating hours (and they’re not the only ones). So, for these reasons at the very least, , hotels can be less than ideal for your holiday.

Yet, the main alternative to hotels, up until the recent past, was apartment rentals – which also have substantial drawbacks. On the positive side, apartments do undoubtedly give you more space, as well as providing greater flexibility and catering amenities. However, typical apartment rentals generally do not come with service of any type, and certainly not with the sort of service that you can find in top-notch hotels. So, even though your holiday stay in an apartment rental might be more comfortable from the vantage point of roominess and the ability to set your own schedule – in return you’re saddled with the responsibility for all the cleaning, cooking and upkeep of your accommodation. And, who really wants to spend their holiday doing housework?

Thankfully, there is another option, holiday ownership. This alternative – which has come to the fore in an age of greater awareness spurred on by the public’s persistent demands for better possibilities – solves the glaring challenges of both hotel and apartment stays, delivering you the best of all possible worlds. In fact, when you take a look at, for example, what CLC World’s holiday ownership possibilities have to offer, you might just be amazed at what you discover.

What Holiday Ownership Provides

Quite simply, holiday ownership delivers the added size, comfort, amenities and flexibility of apartment rentals, without sacrificing any of the service or facilities that hotels typically promise. So, when you take advantage of a CLC World holiday ownership opportunity, not only will a group of up to six travellers be able to stretch out in sumptuously decorated accommodation that includes a fully-equipped kitchen, but you will also receive first-rate service and access to a wide range of superb amenities and facilities.

In fact, a stay at one of CLC World’s holiday ownership properties comes complete with warm, personalised service, an array of on-property fine-dining spots, sparkling swimming pools, gym and spa facilities, an exciting entertainment programme and fully supervised, fun teens’ and kids’ clubs. Plus, all of CLC World’s holiday ownership resorts are set in highly coveted, and often sun-soaked spots, such as Spain’s Costa del Sol, Tenerife in the Canary Islands, the Aegean Coast and Orlando, Florida.

It’s no wonder then that, given the choice, more and more people are opting for the incredible freedom and benefits presented by holiday ownership.