Cricket is developed in England, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the Caribbean. The game has long gained international recognition; an international federation was created in the 19th century which pretty much helped in promoting this kind of sport. Currently, cricket world championships are held every four years, so only Australia and countries historically associated with India have won.

The Australian team is the world cricket leader at the moment; it has won three of the last four world championships, and you can find its latest updates on not only about games but also about the team stats. Sri Lankans and Indians are the main Australians rivals.

It is also noteworthy the West Indies team is still taking part in the competitions having not missed a single World Cup and having won two of them. Glenn McGrath from Australia and Sachin Tendulkar from India are the best players in the international arena. It is they who have the largest number of goals scored and points earned.

7 Popular Cricket Fans Tours

First of all, cricket tourism is a competent organization and implementation of any client’s dreams. This is a work with numerous reliable partners with excellent opportunities and many years of the event tourism experience. It is also worth noting sports tourism is not only about sports. It allows you getting acquainted with the culture of the peoples living in the travel area, enjoying amazing landscapes, gaining new impressions.

Cricket Tour to Barbados

Cricket is a national Barbados sport, and Bajans are known for their love for cricket, so it is a really perfect place for a long trip. Bridgetown is a popular cruise port and the capital of Barbados. Sugarcane production was the main source of city income, however, it had been replaced with tourism. Every month, huge liners with travelers come here to Barbados and other Caribbean countries. The beauty of this former English colonial city which was the center of West Indies slave trade had always been the main tourist interest.

Cricket Tour to South Africa

This is a tour including cricket competitions as well as excursions to Robben Island, Table Mountain, and Cape Peninsula. A wide selection of excursion routes is offered to South Africa, as well as neighboring countries’ visitors. Tourists will see the main geographical attractions of this region, such as lakes and waterfalls, get familiar with local population culture, and feel a real unity with nature while visiting national parks and safaris.

Cricket Tour to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka attracts fans of everything mystical. This country is not only popular for sand beaches, gentle sea waves, and the sun but also world culture secrets and mysteries. If most of all Sri Lanka tours attract you with an excursion program, then Colombo, Kandia, Galle and other equally stunning cities won’t miss your expectations.

Cricket Tour to Grenada

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the West Indies. Those who come here won’t regret it for. Grenada is known for virgin nature, clean beaches, sea and ocean, tropical forests in the center of the island, rivers and lakes, mountain ranges and waterfalls, lush vegetation, national reserves, coral reefs, a good hotel base and amazing cuisine that combines African, Indian and French dishes.

Sports Tour to London

For many generations, sports has played a crucial role in British people’s life. This is one of the few non-discriminatory kinds of mass entertainment. For British men, sport is a win-win topic to start a conversation with. The legendary Big Ben, the majestic Tower Bridge, the gothic Westminster Abbey — all that makes the UK so appealing for people from all over the globe. If you decide to join the tourist rank, get ready for one of the most interesting trips in your life.

New Zealand v England

The opportunity for adventure tourism surrounded by fantastic nature attracts people from all over the world. There is a great number of places for playing cricket in New Zealand; here you can master your skills and enjoy your free time. You can also go snowboarding in the mountains and go to the sunny beach a few hours later. Cricket is the most popular summer sport in the country. New Zealand is among the ten countries taking part in international cricket matches.

England to India

Cricket is the most popular team game in India. It’s worth visiting gardens of Eden located in Calcutta in India accommodating 66,000 people, as well as many other cricket grounds. People in India are really found of this game; they pray for victory in matches, even amateurs try their hand at cricket. Traveling to India is a real adventure that will bring you lots of unforgettable impressions. Here you can admire, wonder, celebrate and taste life in Indian style in the land of dancing, singing, and vivid impressions.