When you think of buying a holiday home, you may wish to buy in the sunniest of locations. But how much sunshine will you get for your money?

Here in the UK, many of us would say we suffer miserably from the lack of sunshine. So with the spring season approaching, we desperately hope for warmer and sunnier days to lift our mood. In fact, the sun shining on us not only makes us happier, but also healthier physically. The sun gives us our dose of Vitamin D, which can be harder to get from food alone. And with your sunscreen applied, enjoying the sunshine can even help lower blood pressure. So where should you buy to get the most sun?

Although Eastbourne is known as the ‘Sunshine Coast’ here in the UK, it hardly compares to Mediterranean hotspots like Cyprus providing double the sunshine hours yearly. But if you are looking for the top holiday home hotspot, the Turkish Riviera is the clear winner. With beautiful resort towns like Bodrum you can enjoy over 2,600 hours of sunshine every year and only spend around £45,000 for one and two-bed apartments. Whereas, in Eastbourne you’ll pay nearly £150,000 for a small holiday apartment and receive under 1,900 hours of sunshine each year. Which would you choose to buy in?

Take a look at Property Guides cost of sunshine index infographic which explains where you can get the most sun for you money.