Exotic ports, cocktails by the pool and long days on the wide open ocean – most people think they have the concept behind a cruise sussed, but there’s actually far more to this holiday than meets the eye. Passengers can now split their time on and off the ship, or go for a more traditional form of getaway. Without further ado, here’s your guide to the different types of cruise holidays…

Classic Cruises 

All aboard! Park up a sun lounger, put those shades on and get ready for a few weeks of relaxation in its finest form. These voyages are perfect for anyone looking to swap the hustle and bustle of a landlocked life for a few serene weeks discovering the world’s oceans and seas. Thanks to the all inclusive nature of different cruise lines, you needn’t worry about separate expenses as everything is taken care off before you set sail. Leave your cares ashore and prepare for days kicking back on top deck and nights exploring different ports. 

One major advantage poised by this type of cruise is the social opportunities it presents. You’ll be on-board for a considerable amount of time, with like-minded passengers who, similar to you, love to travel. Skirt along Ibiza’s prized coastal ecosystems, or venture through the Indian subcontinent, whatever you do, do it in the chic style typical to a classic cruise.  

Continental Cruises

Have you ever longed to uncover each one of a continent’s beguiling countries? Like many people, you might find it difficult to narrow it down to one country in particular, so why not cover several! A continental cruise could take you through some of the Caribbean’s prized gems, or further north to Alaska’s snowy landscapes. 

Once you’ve docked, take the opportunity to embark on tours and educate yourself on the world’s differing cultures. Each continent holds behind it an untold amount of history worth travelling for alone. Whether you’ve spent your day dining Indian delights or sipping upon Scandinavian coffee, it’s easy to see why this is the go-to vacation for foodies, culture lovers, and intrepid explorers alike. 

Cruise and Tour 

Perhaps you’re one who wants a little more than one night in one destination. The idea of a thorough tour of a country or region alongside time at sea appeals to many, and that’s why some cruises companies have tailored holidays to this spec. These getaways comprise a couple of days on dry land, travelling around a country by rail and road and experiencing its various cultural sites. After a fair fix of excursions and down time, you’ll set sail once more towards scenic coastal wonders.  

These breaks capture the best of both worlds, and are a fast-rising holiday of choice for cruise travellers across the world. Balancing your time with culture, cuisine, and scenery to boot, you’ll soon see that some country’s hold attractions for seafarers and landlubbers alike. Grab your guidebook – and a few novels for the journey itself – and get set for a trendy new way to see the world. 

With all these in minds, where will your next cruise take you?