Indonesia is widely regarded as one of the most popular tourist destinations and rightly so. The archipelago nation consists of over 17,500 islands, each more splendid than the other.

With a lot of choices to choose from, tourists can often find it difficult to pick the best option. Here, we discuss some of the key and unusual spots in Indonesia that are worth experiencing. These will help make it easier for those planning a trip to Indonesia.

Lombok & Gili Islands:

While the Bali Islands are the more popular tourist hotspot in Indonesia, the Lombok & Gili Islands provide a similar experience with lesser crowds. Lombok has beautiful white-sand beaches. The Gili islands nearby house a number of luxury island resorts and make for perfect bases for your visit to the region. The islands are a great spot for trekking enthusiasts and also draw tourists who have an interest in water sports and surfing. The Senaru village is a picturesque place on the Lombok island. Its serene beauty and breathtaking waterfalls make it a must-visit for travelers.

Komodo Dragon National Park:

Indonesia also caters to wildlife enthusiasts, especially reptile lovers. The Komodo Dragon National Park is the home of the magnificent Komodo dragon. It stretches from Komodo Island to Rinca Island. After you are done feasting your eyes on the Komodo dragons, you can indulge in a bit of scuba diving in one of the many blue waters around the island.


Papua, the youngest part of Indonesia, is seeping with abundant traditional diversity. You can spend time at Baliem Valley, where you will get to witness the local tribes practicing 100-year-old ceremonies and hunting food by using bows and arrows. Be warned, though. There is a significant lack of roads in Papua and traveling from one town to another often requires boarding an aircraft. However, it will be worth it as the villages on the island are incredibly scenic and perfect for experiencing fascinating marine life. The island has over 1300 species of fish and 700 species of Mollusk.

Sumatra Island:

A trip to Indonesia cannot be complete without a visit to Sumatra Island. It is the 6th largest island in the world and the biggest island of Indonesia. Sumatra has a broad range of key attractions for travelers. Lake Maninjau and Lake Toba are two of the biggest volcanic crater lakes in the World. These are perfect for trekkers looking to enjoy a quiet time amid spectacular scenery. Another feature of the Sumatra Island is the Gunung Leuser National Park which is one of the rare wildlife reserves preserving orangutans. The small village of Bukit Lawang, located inside the park, is also a great location to cool off.

Batam Island:

One of the most happening and exciting places in Indonesia at present is Batam Island. It is ideal for those looking for a getaway from Singapore – the SG to Batam ferry takes only 45 minutes. While in Batam, you can go shopping in the Nagoya Hill Mall, take part in several water sports activities, visit the beautiful Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Buddhist Temple and gape at the marvelous Barelang bridge. Batam is also great for foodies and offers wide variety of seafood and alcohol.