Looking for some 2024 travel inspiration? Lucy Lynch, travel expert at JENZA has her top picks. Lucy says: “With travel back to pre-pandemic levels, with nearly three quarters of young Brits [18-24 year olds] saying they plan to travel more in 2024, travellers are, more than ever, looking for unique experiences. From off the beaten track destinations in Western Australia to culturally unique Sante Fe in California, travellers will be giving destinations that might not have been on their radars in previous years, some much needed attention.” Here’s the top five destinations that Lucy believes will be trending in 2024:

Montreal, Canada

One of Canada’s most diverse provinces, Quebec – home to the French Canadians – placed third in Lonely Planet’s ‘the best city to travel to in 2024’ list. With much on offer including local delicacies such as poutine and Formula One racing, this city is set for a thrilling 2024. 2024 is the perfect time to combine a trip to Canada, one of the world’s safest countries, and a favourite high-speed sport at the Pirelli Grand Prix Du Canada set to take place in June.

The Kimberley, Australia

The sparsely settled region of Western Australia is home to dramatic landscapes and rugged terrain. From the limestone cliffs and freshwater pools where the crocodiles gather in the Windjana Gorge National Park, this off-the-beaten-track region of Australia is an outbackers dream. The perfect place to enjoy a back-to-nature digital detox.

Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Located in southwest Kenya its famous for rolling hills and sprawling savannahs, it’s the temporary residence of the ‘Great Migration’, making it the perfect place for safari travellers. There are plenty of safari operators in Kenya, so whether you want to go back to basics with minimal facilities or prefer a more luxe glamping experience, this is the place to take a walk on the wild side.

Santa Fe, USA

This unique city with a 400-year history is a celebration of culture; with inspiration from its indigenous peoples, the old Spanish colony and of course, the United States. One event on the calendar of this earth-coloured, pueblo-styled city is a century-old little known local tradition – the Burning of Zozobra. Every year, since 1924, a 50-foot-high marionette is burned on Labor Day Friday to dispel the hardships and travails of the past year.

Quito, Ecuador

According to Booking.com’s 2024 travel trends, the ‘surrender seekers’ will be one of 2024s largest group of travellers – looking to lose themselves in a new destination with little to no pre-planning. With that in mind, there’s no better place to do that than this ancient Andean city and the capital of Ecuador. Built on the ruins of an Incan settlement, and with UNESCO World Heritage status for its untouched colonial architecture, Quito, set at an altitude of 2,850m, is home to a blend of architecture from European, Moorish, and indigenous styles. A culture vultures dream!