The Hilton Dalaman Sarigerme Resort & Spa is situated on southwestern Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, between the Mediterranean and Aegean seas and spectacular mountains. Only 10 minutes from Dalaman International Airport, the hotel boasts a private beach, 24-hour fitness center, tennis courts and 10 pools, along with vibrant dining menus and on-site sporting activities. This year, the hotel will be opening for its first winter season, and we think it’s about time you checked out this luxury resort for yourself:

1. For Rest and Relaxtion: The Elysion Spa

The Run-Down: The resort is home to the Elysion Spa offering traditional Hamman and Turkish baths, a Grecian-style plunge pool, premium anti-aging lifting facials together with steam room rotundas filled with pots of traditional oils and lavender flavoured Turkish delight. Popular treatments include the Ritual of Chocolate which includes a body peel and masks together with a relaxing session in the whirlpool. Each area of the spa has a mythological name chosen from the Hellenistic era, and the décor and architecture evokes thousands of years of tradition and a truly rejuvenating ambiance.

2. For All the Food: 23 Dining Options

The Run-Down: The Hilton Dalaman Sarigerme Resort & Spa boasts 23 dining options to choose from including the traditional Turkish bites through to Italian and Asian dishes. The hotel’s pièce de résistance is the a la carte Vela Riverside Fish Restaurant overlooking the bubbling Dalaman stream, vast mountains and turquoise seas serving fish caught fresh that day and local produce from the region. The grilled octopus and the blue crab are local specialities which are not to be missed.

3. For Sun Lounging: Private Gazebos

The Run-Down: For the ultimate wellness and unwinding afternoon, guests can relax in one of the resort’s VIP gazebos located on a secluded section of the private beach, which come complete with individual hot tubs (with bubbles on request), fluttering cool linens and a personal butler. Large loungers provide the perfect spot to stretch out and enjoy the coastal and mountain views.

4. For Exploring: River Trip and Ruins

The Run-Down: Discover the beautiful town of Dalyan, a short drive from the hotel and head down the intricate Dalyan River overlooking the Kaunos tombs of the ancient Kings, Queens and Princes set into the mountain. The tombs are a UNESCO World Heritage site dating back to the 4th Century BC. Weave through the gentle waterways and flora with the aim of spotting the rare loggerhead turtles who are friendly but elusive residents in the area. The river opens out onto the secluded Iztuzu beach, home to the turtle rescue centre where dedicated staff care for the creatures.

5. For Adrenaline Junkies: Active Adventures

The Run-Down: With over 40,000 caves and caverns, Sarigerme is a paradise for potholing and caving, offering adventurers the chance to see crumbling hidden churches, secret underground lakes, cisterns, stalactites and stalagmites. The cave network is not for the faint hearted, because cavers will often be sharing the dark corners with friendly bats. For those who prefer to explore in the light, travellers are welcomes to try rock-climbing and abseiling in Sarigerme’s rocky mountain surrounds. Down the coast from Sarigerme, Ölüdeniz is one of the best spots in Europe for solo and tandem paragliders. For the ultimate flight, adrenaline junkies make the brave leap off Babadağ Mountain from where they will enjoy breathtaking views of the big blue from above.

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