With the Pound at a recent low, finding cheap getaways is harder than ever. The Euro is nipping at our heels, the US dollar is nearly on par with the Pound, and let’s just forget about the Swiss Franc and Scandi Krones. Can you manage to take a holiday this summer or fall that won’t leave you eating pot noodles for the rest of the year?

The answer is – yes! There are still plenty of places around the world where the Pound can buy you a glorious holiday.

After all, if you save enough money on the ground at your affordable destination, maybe you can use all of those extra pennies to charter your very own private jet? Hmmm, still not quite? Well, that’s ok, too. You can still live large in these 10 destinations around the world.

10 destinations where your Pound will go far in 2019

1. Take a safari (and more) in South Africa

South Africa is a country of abundant nature, stunning scenery, and vibrant culture – and it is affordable! You can indulge in gourmet meals for much cheaper than in Europe, and museums and galleries are very inexpensive to visit. Make sure you explore the Kruger National Park and set foot atop the peak of Table Mountain.

2. Experience Thai hospitality in Thailand

The British Pound will buy you a lot of Baht (44 of them, to be exact), and you don’t need to spend a lot to have a great time. A truly fantastic foodie experience can be had for less than a few Pounds at a street food market! Head to the North of the country for mountains, hiking, and temples, or be a beach bum on the white sands of the South.

3. Explore Mexico’s coasts and cities

Whether you traverse the Caribbean coast (think white sands, resorts and clear water), the Pacific Coast (rocky coastlines, jungle, and beaches) or stick to Mexico City, this dynamic country has something for everyone. Best of all? This is a truly cheap getaway that will dazzle your taste buds, fill your ears with music, and warm your heart and soul!

4. Set Sail for Montenegro

There are some truly remarkable destinations right in our own backyard – yes, Europe! The relatively young nation of Montenegro is one of the most visually stunning landscapes in the world, with soaring mountains and a rugged coastline hugging the turquoise sea. Home to many medieval cities and jaw-dropping architecture, this is also a brilliant destination for sailing from port to port.

5. Dive into the abyss in Mozambique

Mozambique is a truly underrated destination, but more and more savvy British travellers are learning about its charms. White sands and the blue waters of the Indian ocean captivate beach lovers, but the true magic is below the waves. Make sure you snorkel or dive here, taking in stunning reefs and aquatic life, including the rare dugongs.

Mozambique is currently recovering from Cyclone Kenneth, but that is all the more reason to support their tourism industry!

6. Spend some dirhams in the souks of Morocco

Morocco has long been a firm favourite for Brits seeking an affordable and adventurous holiday. Whether you choose to relax at the chic beach hotels of Essaouira, or get stuck into the madness of the Fez souks, this North African country has something for everyone. It is also a short jaunt from the UK, and the weather is lovely and reliably sunny.

7. Eat like a king (or a sultan) in Turkey

Turkish cuisine is some of the finest in the world, with a rich and varied array of ‘must-eat’ dishes. And did we mention arts, culture, architecture, ancient ruins, and stunning beaches? Turkey is a wonderful destination for anyone looking to save a few pennies, but you can also splash out on internationally-rated hotels and spas (hamams) if the mood strikes you and your wallet allows!

8. Soak up the sun in a Dominican Republic resort

While you can explore the Dominican Republic as a backpacker, many people choose to stay at a ‘fly and flop’ on this tropical island nation. Their all inclusive resort options are out of this world, and include all of your accommodation, food, beverages, water sports, and other activities at less than what just your hotel fee would be in Europe.

The prices are lowest during the hurricane season, so just remember that your cheap getaway might come with a windy surprise!

9. Get off the beaten track in Bulgaria

We cannot leave our favourite affordable European destination off of this list! If you want your Pound to go far, your belly to be full, and your photos to be spectacular, you need to head to Bulgaria. Once the favourite holiday spot for the Soviet elite, more and more international visitors are discovering Bulgaria for themselves.

Sofia dazzles with its big city pace, while Plovdiv is a sweet and tranquil medieval city with plenty of medieval ruins. Explore abandoned Soviet monuments, climb to verdant peaks, and lay out on the gorgeous beaches – you can have a little bit of everything you fancy for cheaper than you might think.

10. Live la vida loca Cubano in Cuba

Cuba is one of the most storied and beloved Caribbean nations, just a few miles from the Florida coastline but verboten to US residents for decades. Restrictions were lifted under Obama, and now millions of US visitors are getting to experience what we Brits have loved for eons.  Think pulsating music and dance, miles and miles of achingly beautiful beaches, classic cars driving down cobbled lanes, and friendly locals.

Holidays are a time to relax, unwind, explore, and indulge – all things that can be rare indeed when you are on a budget. That said, you don’t have to spend all of your savings to take a truly wonderful cheap getaway this summer or fall. These are just ten destinations where your Pound will go far, but there are plenty of others – share your favourites in the comment section below.