We all look forward to a race day. For many of us this is a day to look our best, dressing up is an exciting activity! It is even better when you are dressing up to partake in racing fashion because there is the chance you can win the best dressed award!

I have compiled some awesome ideas that you will find very useful while planning your look. I know you plan to stand out from the crowd, so I hope this will act as a guide while you source for creative and innovative ideas to nail that breath-taking race day look.

Solid Loud Colours

You can achieve a vibrant and confident look if you match loud and bright colours perfectly. You really have the entire playground, feel free to go with your mind, if you think you look great wearing just one colour or varying shades of that colour go ahead and slay the look. Enhance your features with the right accessories. Be bold and confident with how you dress – this will mark you out as a winner with the horses that day.

Modern Prints

Modern prints are basically designs that mix abstract arts and colours. It looks very trendy in any occasion. You can achieve an attractive look that will make you the focus of every set of eyes at the race. Wouldn’t you love that?

What you should do is match a print skirt with a bold top, this will look fabulous. You can also wear matching pieces made from two prints. You should complement your outfit with good accessories. You will come out looking like a fashion legend who knows how to nail a look with little effort.


There are a variety of looks you can try with a monochrome ensemble.  You can try out prints to fit in the monochrome trend or go with a cute black dress enhanced with loud accessories. For a different look, you can try a jump suit too. I will suggest a bold red lip and a cute little purse and nothing can stop you from stealing the red carpet show.


You cannot avoid learning how to accessorise; it is the means through which you will infuse your personality into your dressing. Your accessories- shoes, bags, hats, tell a lot about your personality from the choices you have made.

A good point to note is that accessories can look either very loud or subtle depending on the look you are aiming to achieve. They are meant to compliment your outfit in a flattering way.

The men’s fashion

The fashion freedom is also enjoyed by the men. There is no specific dress code but making an appearance in a perfect fitting suite will surely get you the right type of attention. As for suits, there are many styles and creative looks that can be achieved. Don’t hesitate to try out bolder colours too; it will surely make you stand out from the crowd as a true pro.

How to be a winner

So you look the part, now you’ve got to act the part and start winning. But how? There is no single magic method or we’d all be millionaires. However, what it boils down to is a lot of research and a gradual building up of knowledge about all kinds of elements. Here are some of the main ones courtesy of the Horse Racing experts at myracing.com:

Decoding the Racing Form

Hone your handicapping skills.

Look at that race’s distance.

Take into account the track and the weather.

Consider form cycles.

Look at the horse’s post position.

Get familiar with your track, the tracks being simulcast, and get your papers

Buy a daily racing form.

Familiarise yourself with different types of bets.

Know your odds and pay-outs.

Consider each horse’s individual characteristics.

Track your own records.

Read books on the subject.

Written by Jody Monson