At home, you can dress however you like. But out in the big, bad world, you need to dress for success. When you feel great about yourself, you feel confident. You feel like you can take anything on and accomplish so much more. But there are many of you who still think that socks with sandals are a great look.

You need to change your ways, and you are going to learn how to do it by reading this piece.

First of all, we need to discuss the huge debate revolving around the world of patterns. Patterns are underrated. They look great on guys, but it’s time to get away from the tartan and into the florals.


Florals are no longer just for women. You can look masculine even with a flower on your tie. Go for solid colours and don’t touch pastels. The darker it is, the better. A subtle black and grey pattern on your tie can really go down well at your next office function.

But how should you deal with colours?

What’s In Green is a big trend this year. But dark green is the only way that this can work for guys. Just don’t pair it with anything contrasting, such as red. A vibrant rainforest green will go well with your standard blazer.

Nothing Bright – You want to draw attention to yourself, but don’t do it for all the wrong reasons. Dark colours are always far more masculine.

Depends on What You Wear – But, again, it always depends on what you wear. Wear the wrong thing and even something that happens to be in vogue will look terrible. It’s all about mixing and matching, so make sure you spend some more time in that fitting room!

Now that you know about the colours, you can decide on which business suit is going to make that great first impression and help close that deal. Suits tend to work when you choose a more classic look, but the following options are trendy for 2016 and will surely have heads turning at your next gathering.

Khaki sports coats. These work because they are neutral and lightweight. There are almost no colour combinations that they don’t go down well with.

Statement blazers. These are lightweight sports coats that come with brighter colours and defined patterns. These are for more casual occasions that take place in an outdoor space.

Bamboo jackets. Using earth-friendly textiles, these are quickly becoming a major fixture on the fashion scene.

And what about the finishing touches?

The answer comes in the form of a stylish designer men’s watch for a good choice visit TicWatches. This is one timeless embellishment that you must never miss out on. As a general rule of thumb, you should choose a watch brand everyone has heard of! This is one area in which the brand really does matter. But it should be conservative, not flashy. Leather strap watches are ideal for more casual occasions, whereas metal straps are perfect within the boardroom.

These tips will hopefully go some way to showing you what you should and should not be wearing this season. With some common sense mixed in with some of the trends, you have everything you need to step out of the house confident that you are going to achieve something today.