When people talk about teaching positions it is natural to think about schools, universities, and naturally, the classroom. However, this might not be the best place to look for this sort of role.

Similarly, if you were interested in childcare you might find the best positions are not the ones that immediately come to mind. There are highly paid positions that are hiding in plain sight but you may be searching for the wrong job titles. 

If you are looking for a role in teaching, childcare, or a combination of both then you will want to continue reading to find out what these roles are. 

Are childcare and teaching jobs high paying?

Perhaps in the past, you did some babysitting to help pay for your college education and equate childcare with this, but there are some very lucrative jobs available. It is not unknown for a nanny in the UK to make £1,000 to £1,500 per week if they find the right position.

Not all childcare or teaching jobs come with this sort of salary. But, if you have the experience, the right attitude, and the necessary qualifications -where applicable – then you really could find a position with this sort of dizzying salary.

The key is knowing what job positions to look for. So forget searching for daycare centre workers and see below for some roles you may never have considered before. 

Become a travel nanny

Being a travel nanny means you get the chance to see different places and countries that you may never have before while being paid for it. Of course, you will be expected to work while you travel but you will normally have some time to yourself too.

A travel nanny’s role comes in a few shapes and sizes. Some full-time nannies work with a family perhaps for years and who will also join them on trips and holidays. Then some part-time nannies are recruited from agencies specifically to help a family while they are travelling and the contract may only last a few weeks before they move on to a new family. 

What does being a travel nanny involve?

You would need to know how to create the perfect itinerary to help keep the children entertained. Your role may involve researching the country you are visiting, looking for activities that the children will enjoy and you will also help to educate them. Although nannies aren’t exactly teachers, they are involved in a child’s development and they can help to inform a child about new cultures when they travel. You can also ask some get to know you questions for kids for better engagement. 

When it comes to salary it is hard to give a definitive answer as you would often be negotiating with a family as opposed to being employed by a company. It is not unusual to see travel nanny jobs in the US with six-figure salaries and indeed, wealthy families are paying over $200,000 for a regular full-time nanny so there is a lot of scope. 

VIP nannies

When you search for nanny jobs you may not connect the word VIP to the job title. However, there are VIP nannies who work for wealthy families. These are the most sought-after nanny positions and they would involve you living on-site and accompanying the family on their holidays much like a travel nanny would.

It is a demanding but rewarding role that will come with a high salary and the chance to save a considerable amount of money as you won’t need to worry about rent, utility bills, or groceries. 

What qualifications do you need to be a VIP nanny?

Whereas a regular nanny may get away with no qualifications or perhaps a diploma in childcare and education obtaining a VIP role may require a little more. Experience and excellent references will be most important though and it is unlikely you will walk into one of these roles straight from college even with a degree in your hand.

If you are from overseas then one qualification you will need is a UK work visa. This is a serious consideration as a valid passport and visa will be necessary not only for working but also so you can travel with the family abroad. 

Look for governess roles

It may sound very old-fashioned when you hear the word ‘governess’ but they do still exist and they are very popular among families who wish for their children to become well educated.

A governess is responsible for educating children in specific areas. It may be that the family is from overseas and if a governess has a TEFL then they can help improve that child’s English. You may come across governess roles while searching for nanny jobs. However, they are quite different.

While a nanny will care for a child and have nursery duties, the governess will be responsible for setting education and homework routines. They will be responsible for preparing children for exams, teaching manners and etiquette, and may also teach specialized subjects such as music.

The salary for a governess depends on which region and country you look at but in London, it could be over £600 per week after tax. 

What other jobs are there for childcare and teaching?

There are a number of other positions available for childcare or education that may appeal to you depending on the hours you wish to work and the skills you have. 

Private music teacher

If you are a talented musician then you can teach children music. This may be the piano, violin, guitar, or several instruments. Vocal coaches and music teachers can choose their working hours and their own rates so your salary is only capped by the number of students you can find. 

Flight nanny

This shouldn’t be confused with a travel nanny although they both do partly the same job. A flight nanny is someone who takes care of a child solely for the journey time.

While some airlines offer this service for free it is becoming increasingly popular to hire someone to take care of a child on a flight to make the journey less stressful for the parents. The salary for this role can be hourly or it may be the cost of the flight. Sometimes a flight nanny receives the flight for free and payment also. It should not be considered a career. It would suit someone with nannying experience who is headed to the destination country at the same time and wants to get a free flight. 

What do all these roles have in common?

No matter what role you take in childcare or child education you need to be enthusiastic about children. You need to be energetic, even when jet-lagged if you are travelling as a nanny. You must want to help with a child’s development and be confident and be able to think on your feet. 


All of these three roles could bring about a six-figure salary if you were working for the right family and have the right skills, experience, and childcare qualifications.

Though there are many more jobs in these fields available, becoming a travel nanny, VIP nanny, or governess can be very rewarding. They will not only increase your experience, enrich your life as you enrich the childs but they can provide you with a great salary.