Sundays are synonymous with Lionel Richie, messy top-knots and food comas, so Sunday wear has to be hibernation-friendly and comfortable enough for the immaculate conception of a food baby. However, comfortable does not just have to be confined to elasticated waist-bands and scruffy School Leavers’ hoodies: don’t confuse duvet-day with drab. Pyjama brand Desmond and Dempsey have found the perfect Sunday solution to feeling your best while being super cosy and comfortable. We caught up with Dempsey to discuss her collection and how their pyjamas are also ‘sexy without the straps’:

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So if you’re Dempsey, who is Desmond? I hear there’s a bit of a love story.

Haha yes, Desmond is a very handsome chap named Joel. We met in Canada during a ski season and have been driving each other mad, in the best sort of way, since. His is definitely the better half.

We started Desmond & Dempsey when I moved to London. I loved wearing Joel’s good dress shirts to bed. He loved it too, until my clumsiness meant that all of his favorites were covered in coffee and jam stains. One day Joel ‘charmingly’ suggested that he buy me my own pyjamas. Well, I couldn’t find any in ‘his country’… and so, here we are today.

You describe your collection as “sexy without the straps” would you agree that sexiness is actually often the effortless?

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I couldn’t agree more. I think sexiness comes with feeling comfortable. When you’re strapped in and sucking in, it all feels so staged! If you have ever worn one of his shirts with a few buttons undone and a cheeky grin, you know the reaction you get. If you haven’t, all you have to do is watch a morning after scene in a Hollywood classic.

Desmond & Dempsey is all about subtle seduction. Seduction in the beautiful feel of the cotton on your own skin, and the way the fabric hangs suggestively without revealing everything.

We wanted to create an everyday sexiness. Not one that just comes out of your draw for birthday and valentines.

Your prints are beautifully hand painted, what are they inspired by and do you plan to release any more?

Thank you. Joel’s brother, Christian is owed most of the credit here. Joel and I help putting together inspiration from our own little escapes and travel, but it is Christian who turns them into something wearable.

We do have a few surprises in the pipeline. There are two new prints being released just in time for Christmas…


Describe an ideal Dempsey and Desmond Sunday:

Oh, this is a tough one. In the winter… it would involve a little lay in, a coffee in bed while reading the Sunday paper. Followed by brunch. There are so many great spots in London but sometimes nothing beats homemade bread, avocado and eggs.  Then an afternoon of getting lost in a market. And to end the day… a lovely big roast with lots of friends and too much red wine.

Desmond and Dempsey also offer a monogramming service which would the perfect gift that little bit more personal

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You can also complete your cosy Sunday with Cheek Frills special ‘Sunday’ knickers, found in their ‘days of the week’ pack. Ostensibly the ‘Comfiest knickers in the world’, they’re ethically made from 100% Italian cotton modal and lace. Beautifully presented in pastel boxes, they’d also make a great stocking filler this Christmas.

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