While we are more than happy to spend money on an expensive haircut, a good bottle of wine or a night out, for many, the idea of a personal trainer has always seemed outrageously self-indulgent. Surely you have to be worth a fortune to afford a one-on-one workout? That’s not the case.

An estimated quarter of a million people join a gym on January 1st but by the end of May, over a third of us have stopped going altogether, and the guilt kicks in guilt that you’re wasting money by not using your gym membership. In London personal training sessions on average cost £50 or £60 an hour, with some places charging a higher premium but for many the expense is motivation in itself. You are more likely to drag yourself to the gym or park in between sessions to make it worthwhile as well as to avoid the shame of not improving week on week. So where to go? This is our pick of the Top 5 Personal Training gyms in the capital. All have no joining fees or contracts.


six3nine 27-04-12 0008

Did you know that your body contains 639 muscles? That number inspired the name of Six3Nine, a fitness secret that’s fast becoming the go to place to achieve your fitness and health goals. Hidden behind a discreet door on a busy road in Covent Garden, this is no ordinary gym space. Circles and lines are painted on the floor with kettle-bells, free weights, cables and gymnastic equipment filling the rest of space.

Once you’re matched with a trainer, they examine, in minute detail, your medical, injury and fitness history and create tailor made sessions to help you to make improvements you never thought possible. With sustainability at the core of their ethos, the team at Six3Nine goes to great lengths to ensure what they promise is both realistic and achievable. They look at a person’s entire lifestyle and deliver a program that’s truly bespoke to you.

Where: 41-44 Great Queen Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5AD

How much: 8 (hourly) sessions a month costs £595.


2. Project Me

Project Me 2

For those enjoying life in north London and want to enlist the assistance of a trainer, Project Me is the place to go. The name says it all as the team at this independent health and fitness studio, are dedicated to helping you focus on getting the best from yourself. This inviting and holistic space is filled with art and even upside down flower plant lights in the reception. With diverse range of trainers to choose from, they’ll work with you and create a bespoke plan to help you become a healthier and happier version of yourself. Based in the heart of Crouch End and just a few minutes walk from the clock tower, Project Me also offers regular yoga classes, pilates, Tabata and a range of holistic therapies including acupuncture and craniosacral therapy. For new mums and dads you can also bring the baby along to your sessions as some of the trainers are post-natal qualified.

Where: 84 Park Rd, London N8 8JQ

How much: 8 (hourly) sessions a month cost £368.


3. Bodyline Fitness

Bodyline 1

As Ealing’s only Personal Training studio, Bodyline Fitness is a popular choice for those out West looking at getting into, or staying in fit and healthy shape. Bodyline opened its doors 12 years ago and has 10 highly qualified personal trainers including three professional sports people from the world of Squash, Boxing and Athletics, as well as an Osteopath & Sports Massage Therapist. You also have option to escape the fast city pace for a full countryside weekend of fitness classes designed to boost your fitness and reboot your energy levels, on one of their regular fitness weekends in Wales and The Costwolds.

Where: 5-6 Spring Bridge Mews, London
W5 2AB

How much: 8 (hourly) sessions a month cost £344.


4. Twist Studios

Twist 121 Studio Mirror

Some of us don’t want anyone around when we are pushing ourselves to the limit and working up a sweat in a Personal Training session. If you’re one of those people then Twist Studios in South London’s Forest Hill could be your PT haven.

Twist 2

Founded by an Ironman and Triathlon veteran, Twist is a great option for a marathon runner needing expert advise, a sedentary office worker new to training, or a regular gym user wanting re-motivation. Babies and toddlers are also welcome to come along to your personal training session so no need for those babysitter excuses to interrupt your commitment to train regularly.

Where: 99a Dartmouth Road, 
 SE23 3HT

How much: 8 (hourly) sessions a month costs £320.


5. Pure Fitness Shoreditch

Pure Fitness Shoreditch, is a private training facility set in the heart of Shoreditch and Hoxton in fashionable East London, headed up by celebrity master trainer Geoff Clement and current star of the Red Hot 100 with Thomas Knights. In 2014 they were shortlisted as one of the “Best Fitness Facilities” as voted at the London Lifestyle Awards.

Pure 2-2

Like all the choices in our Top 5, these guys are all about fitness longevity, not fad. Fitness is for life and not just for a few months during the year and through training with PT gyms like Pure Fitness, you will get the chance to consistently surpass your goals and live a healthy, fit and happy lifestyle.

Where: 18 Long Street, London, E2 8HQ

How much: 8 (hourly) sessions a month costs £600.