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F45’s 45-Day Challenge: The Lowdown

Whether you want to reduce body fat or gain lean muscle, F45’s 45-Day Challenge is a revolutionary transformation program that can help you achieve your ultimate body goals. This comprehensive fitness and weight loss plan is designed to push you harder than ever before and is available as part of an F45 membership.

Implemented seasonally, the 45-Day Challenge can be tailored to suit your specific goals. At no additional cost, you will receive a bespoke challenge meal plan, along with regular studio-based sessions and access to an online portal of resources including menus, shopping lists, and a personalised dashboard to track your progress. The Challenge is divided into three key phases to help you feel your best.

The 45-Day Challenge features customised food programmes, including a new vegan plan, as well as mainstream and vegetarian menu options. Along with the recommended exercise plan, you will receive weekly meal plans and tips to keep you motivated and committed throughout the eight weeks.

If you’re ready to achieve your long-term health and fitness goals, the F45 45-Day Challenge is the perfect opportunity to get off the diet treadmill and start a new fitness journey. Join the thousands of F45 goers who have successfully completed this challenge and sign up at an F45 studio near you.

The next 45-Day Challenge will commence on  October 23rd  2023. For more information and to sign up, visit here.