For anyone looking for a bridal shop in London and wanting to travel to the capital here are some top tips of what to look for.

It’s important that the bride-to-be is inspired before beginning their search for the perfect wedding dress which will mean having to consult the specialist wedding dress magazines which will highlight the latest trends and offer some excellent ideas for inspiration.

Don’t be shy about tearing some of these articles from magazines to bring to dress appointments as these will give stylists and the boutique owner an idea of the style that the bride-to-be is looking for.

Organise a trip to visit wedding dress shops

The next tip for people who organise a trip to visit wedding dress shops is that it will highlight why it is important to pick the venue first since this may help dictate the style of dress that the bride-to-be should be looking for.

For instance, if the venue is a classic hotel then a classic wedding down would be an ideal choice as it will mix perfectly with the surroundings.

The next most important tip when travelling to the capital, possibly to attend the famous Fashion Show, is to gain inspiration for a wedding dress is to set the budget – and stick to it!

Looking at designer wedding dresses


Before looking at designer wedding dresses, brides-to-be should calculate how much their dress is going to cost but also have an amount ready for any potential alterations as well as for the extras such as their veil, train, head piece as well as underwear, jewellery and shoes.

To help put a budget together, it might be a wise idea to do some extensive online researching so that the prices for each of these elements will not come as a surprise.

It’s also important that anyone looking for wedding dresses should keep an open mind about which type of dress may be the most suitable and which is more suitable for the bride’s body type. This means that the bride should be willing to try on wedding dresses that a stylist may suggest.

Trying on wedding dresses

That last piece of advice also lends itself to the next tip which is to be prepared when trying on wedding dresses. For this, the bride should bring the correct underwear and their shoes for the fitting so if their wedding dress is going to be a strapless creation, for example, then they should bring a strapless bra when trying on these dresses.

By doing so, the bride will help eliminate any of the guesswork of how they think their dress will fit on the day since they will have all of the known elements with them.

It’s also crucial to ensure that the dress is comfortable because the bride will need to wear it for many hours so comfort will be key. During the dress fitting, ensure that the bride sits down in the dress and if it is strapless or has sleeves, then the bride should lift their arms to ensure they can dance comfortably and it fits securely when raising their arms.

All of these tips should help the bride-to-be find a wedding dress that they do not have to adjust or think about on their special day.

Finally, it’s crucial that the bride enjoys themselves during their trawl of wedding dress shops and have fun when trying on various dresses because their wedding day is meant to be a day of celebration which means they should be enjoying their dress as well.