As we near the end of February and spring hasn’t quite sprung just yet you may be thinking about carrying out a few home improvements now that those cold wintery weeks are beginning to dispel. First things first however it will likely be time for you to have a good old fashioned clear out before you even begin to think about redecorating or giving an area in or around your home a freshen up. Here are just a few tips on how best to declutter your home this year.



When you have a lot of stuff to worry about and there are numerous rooms in your home that could do with some serious decluttering then it’s not very prudent to simply throw yourself in and tackle the problem aimlessly. Decide on which rooms need to be cleared first and go from there. Also decide on what sort of time you want to allocate to each mini-declutter project else you may find yourself undertaking more than you can handle in one go.


Once you begin to clear things out you may come across a number of items that you aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to. This may be items that have a particular sentimental value or even larger or more expensive items like pieces of furniture that simply don’t fit in with your current décor. So instead of simply selling them or dumping them there is always the option of hiring a personal storage unit. There are a plethora of storage outlets across the country that offer competitive monthly rates including  self storage providers McCarthy’s who offer secure and private storage rooms with 24 hour access. You can also check out this list from Yell for a breakdown of all the providers in your area.



As you begin to delve into your decluttering project you’ll come across plenty of forgotten bit and bobs. That means that there should be an ample amount of items there that could actually make you some money. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and thanks to the many online car boot and auction sites such as eBay you can quite easily flog your unwanted items and get some cash in return.


After all your hard work the last thing you’ll want to happen is for your home to get in a similar state in the future. Search out some useful storage solutions that you introduce in order to get better organised. Storage boxes you can stack are useful but now even furniture has special built-in draws and other options for you to utilise in a storage capacity.