When reading the same old website, sometimes it can feel that that things are getting a little boring. If you take the time to look in slightly different directions though and visit different areas of the Internet, you may find some surprisingly fun sites to visit. Here are a few options to pass your time:


Watching people play games can be something of an acquired taste, but there is more than just games on offer now. If gaming if your thing though, there are plenty of people streaming their skills onto Twitch to show just how good they are. Stuck on a certain part of a game? Then get a few ideas from here. Twitch is evolving to even allow people to play games through the service, with players defeating not only Pokémon but also Dark Souls, though it did take some time to do it.

New Websites

Open Facebook up and look at what your friends are sharing. If they provide a website that interests you, why not give it a click? There may be some sites you trust for your news, but give the others a try and you may find something new that interests you. With many new sites popping up every day, the choice for you is endless

Online Gaming

There are plenty of places to play games online such as online bingo with harrysbingo.co.uk, and you don’t even have to buy the games. From online bingo to strategy and puzzle games, there is something for everybody. With some sites even giving you the chance to play retro games that you remember from the past, there is plenty of things out there to keep you from being bored.

Social Media

Social Media is one of the fastest growing areas of the Internet and gives plenty of options to pass your time. Whether its sharing what you are doing, letting people see your latest pictures you’ve taken or just getting in contact with people, there are plenty of choices out there. Bored of the one you’ve been using? Then why not try a new one, with new ones popping up all the time, you may find a social site offering you some surprising ideas to keep you from being bored.

The Internet is a big place, with plenty of ideas of things that you can do to stop being bored. While these are just a few options, there are plenty of others waiting for you. Just use your imagination and in no time, that boredom you were feeling will be just a memory.