You’ve visited Big Ben, saluted at the gates of Buckingham Palace, looked out over the twinkling waters of the Thames and made a culture vulture trek to Shakespeare’s Globe – but now it’s time to veer off the beaten track and try a few things that most tourists don’t know about.

That’s why, in an article made possible by valet parking Gatwick Airport, we’ve come up with a few of the best offbeat locations for you to visit on your whistle-stop tour of London. Check them out and enjoy your stay.

London Dungeon

A visit to the London Dungeons might seem like an obvious recommendation, but few people really know what a trip to this world-famous thrill ride involves.

The London Dungeons aren’t full of grisly murders and horrorshow sights and sounds. Instead, they’re like a darker variant on Horrible Histories, filled with smutty jokes, intelligent puns and a bleak vein of humour that follows your walking party during the tour.

They’re perfect for kids and adults, then, and everyone will walk away having learned a little bit extra about London history.


Darwin Centre Spirit Collection

Does wandering through aisles and aisles of pickled animal specimens sound like a tourist treat to you? Then you’re in luck, because the Natural History Museum is housing the Darwin Centre Spirit Collection, a vast collection of pickled specimens collected by the famous evolutionary scientist.

Within this collection you’ll find giant squids, rare bats and thousands of other species, some of which are now extinct. This is a fascinating and unique collection that shows us a glimpse into the past.

The home of Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley, occultist and writer of the 1800s, was a notorious figure in 19th century London, taking part in wild rituals and drug-induced manias. His lurid life led to a number of books regarding the occult and has made him a fascinating figure for some.

If you’re interested in finding out more about his bizarre life, visit his house on Chancery Lane. Who knows what witchcraft you’ll find?

The Hunterian Museum


The Hunterian Museum isn’t for the faint of heart. Much like the Darwin Centre Spirit Collection listed above, this collection of medical artefacts could easily make your stomach turn.

Amidst the scalpels and wartime medical instruments, you’ll find oddities like Winston Churchill’s teeth in the collection. If that takes you fancy, head on down.

Learn to ski

London isn’t traditionally known for its skiing resorts, but a journey to Walham Green’s indoor skiing facility can turn you into an almost pro in an afternoon.

These guys provide training sessions, different slope gradients and a warm and friendly service.

Got any more offbeat suggestions for a visit to London? Then let us know!