In the world of entertainment, there are plenty of people looking for new ways to catch your attention. While there are plenty of traditional style night outs that give us the same old experience, what about something a little different? Here are some ideas for some alternative night out.

Escape Rooms

It seems that SAW has a lot answer for with the rise of Escape Rooms. The idea of being locked away in a room with a group of friends and being given tasks to complete to find the way out, could be a little terrorising for some. Often with a horror feel to them, Escape Rooms are made to be fun though and attempt to take that video game type experience out into a real world setting.

Food Crawls

Burger and chips

Everybody knows what a pub crawl is, but not everybody wants to join in. One thing that many people can connect with though is eating. Taking the idea of a pub crawl and making it a food crawl instead means that you can experiment with the many different styles of foods out there, and be social with it.

Alternative Bingo

Bingo will always be popular, you can always try for bingo online but why not do it a little differently? There are plenty of ways to enjoy a more alternative style of bingo out there, some even include musical events to add to the fun. Fancy rock and roll bingo or indie bingo? Then search out some in your local area and see if it is your cup of tea, you are sure to find an even that you like.

Table Top Gaming

This may seem to be a geekier option, but table top games are seeing a resurgence as of late and games are being released that add a new feel to the games. There are plenty of choices for table top gaming out there, and even special days put together to celebrate the past time. Why not take part in one and see how fun it can be?

While the above options may not fit with your style of fun, there are other options out there that are still a little different than what is considered the “norm”. Take your time and explore a little and you’ll be sure to find something alternative th