Looking for some good Christmas gifts? Here’s 3 of our favourites this year:

1. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

This Christmas give a loved one a gift with someone else’s name on it, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. Mr Jasper Newton ‘Jack’ Daniel was an independent spirit who registered his distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee in 1866, next to the cool, cave spring water at ‘the hollow’, which just happens to be perfect for making whiskey. It is for this reason that every drop of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey still comes from the same place today. Mr. Jack’s whiskey still follows a process pioneered back in the 1800’s where the unaged whiskey is ‘mellowed’ drop by drop through 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal – a process the folks in Tennessee call ‘The Extra Blessing’ which gives the whiskey unrivalled smoothness. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey (70cl, 40% ABV), is available to buy on offer across retailers nationwide. Of course, if you need help financing your Christmas gifts this year, there’s payday loans in Fresno.

2. Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur 

The Christmas tree sparkles most brightly when there are presents beneath it. Wish your belles and beaus Joyeux Noël with a 20cl bottle of Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur packaged in a beautiful gold box with a petit bow. A gift to make the eyeballs twinkle. Give family and friends the Royale treatment this year. Serve Chambord with their favourite fizz and top with a raspberry. Et voila! You have a delicious Chambord Royale to make the tonsils purr like a baby koala. If the black raspberry is calling, follow your pincers to Tesco and Asda (UK wide) from mid-November where this beautiful ribbon-wrapped box will be on offer for £6.00. Chambord is also available in its original gold box at major supermarkets nationwide £7.00.

3. Four Fox Saké

Four Fox Saké is a traditional Japanese liquor that has been given a luxurious spin. Following their recent launch into the UK, the saké drink has already made it’s way to top London destinations; Cuckoo Club, Charlie Mayfair, The Arts Club and Resturant Ours – as well as being available for retail on www.amathusdrinks.com, £35.50. Sophisticated, cultured and effortlessly confident, Four Fox has liberated saké from the confines of hazy business dinners, dressed it in a blazer and upgraded it to first class. It’s time to welcome a new age for this traditional liquor and Four Fox Saké is leading the revolution.