KERB have given us a whole festival dedicated to spice, they’ve given us a weekend full of South American bites, and now, for two days only, a festival celebrating foodie guilty pleasures. If you’re wondering, our guilty pleasure is a chicken kiev sandwich (use a baguette – it has better structural integrity).

This is KERB’s free second weekender of the summer, celebrating all the stuff that’s so wrong it’s quite frankly, so right. The two days (Friday July 21st – Saturday 22nd July) will be a chance to all get together (in what’s been a difficult year so far), and let loose in what really makes us happy, and indulge in a delicious cacophony of good ol’ nosh-talgia under the sky.

KERB Presents its Guiltiest Pleasures: The Lowdown

Sod the trends; go soggy-chip not hip, bottoms-up that butterscotch Angel Delight and chow down on your chicken dipper potato waffle hybrid sandwich with pride.

They’ve chosen 13 KERBanists to conjure up their best ‘show-stopper’ guilty pleasure dishes, and sling them out to lucky Londoners for two days straight. Oh, and there’ll be a live TV ‘Dream Themes‘ cover band, Old School DJ’s, 80’s Jane Fonda aerobics, KERB’s guiltiest pleasure cocktails, bingo and lucky dip to add to the hot fuzzy plunge pool of sins.

KERB Presents its Guiltiest Pleasures: The Food

KERB don’t do things by halves, and the line up for this festival is not exception. We’re talking about crisp sarnies, strawberry milkshake filled donuts, a paratha roll stuffed with battered fish, chips and mushy peas,  and curry chip butties. It’s going to go off.

Other Side: smoked honey butter-slathered fried chicken with crispy smoked bacon, and pickled blueberries in a buttermilk pancake bun.

Kolkati: battered fish ‘n chips ‘n mushy peas, in a paratha roll with a curry pouring sauce on the side.

Capish: special spice blend sloppy Joe (or vegan borlotti eggplant Joe), with American mustard, pickles and a fried duck egg.

Hank: beer-battered fillet ‘o fish with homemade American cheese, prawn cocktail cones, and scampi and chips.

Curry On: classic korma on chips, and curry chip paratha butties. And there’s a veggie option too.

The Grilling Greek: Loukaniko Greek sausage, and smoked paprika chip pitta.

Square Root: traffic light jelly ‘dreamfloat’ soda with fruit cocktail mix and squirty cream.

Project Sandwich: ‘Old School’ crisp sarnies feat. coronation chicken, ham hock and cheese stuffed with salt and vinegar crisps.

Only Jerkin: chicken and waffles with a twist – mango, coconut and honey, cream soda battered fried chicken, on banana waffles with spiced rum ice cream and chilli syrup.

Vicky’s Doughnuts: strawberry milkshake filled donuts, and mint choc chip popping candy rings.

Taco Dave: Ultimate chilli con carne (Dave’s Mum’s own recipe) and Mexican key lime pie for dessert.

Beefsteaks: ribeye steak and bone marrow burger (cooked in chicken skin butter) with blue cheese sauce.



Nonna’s and Le Choux: a special KERBlaboration – gelato choux sandwiches with peanut butter jelly, Viennetta, banoffee pie, and an ‘Arctic roll’ spin.

KERB Presents its Guiltiest Pleasures: The Details

Free entry. Festival opens at 5pm on Friday 21st July. Granary Square, Kings Cross, London N1C. For more information, visit KERB’s website here.

Homepage Image Credit: Beth Marsh | First Image Credit: Beth Mash | Third Image Credit: John Sturrock