Tiff Stevenson has a lot to say about today’s world. Known for her role in The Office and appearances on TV comedy panels including Russell Howard’s Good News, Mock The Week and Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Tiff is used to being the lone smart female comedic voice in the room.

The political comedian’s latest show Seven is provocative and punchy, with the occasional low blow. Seven is inspired by a gig Tiff did in David Lynch’s Silencio nightclub in Paris last year, just one month before the Bataclan attacks. The show explores our need to make huge worldwide impactful events about us, delving into morality, modernity, vanity, mental health, film reboots & clouds.

Photo by Steve Ullathorne

Seven is a two-act comedy show saturated in politics, with asides ranging from ovulation and reproduction rights to shopping in LIDL and cocaine mules. Oscillating wildly between Silvia Plath and Beyoncé, Tiff is a woman of extremes. Political satire dominates the show and clever insights by Stevenson often coaxed gasps rather than laughter.

On a side note, if you don’t already follow her Bridget Trumps Diary account on twitter then you are seriously missing out.

Currently touring the U.K.