The much-vaunted Crossrail project will come to fruition in 2018, creating a fast and efficient transport link that connects residents in the South East and South West to the capital. This is a huge project that continues to gather momentum, already inspiring a simultaneous, £3.3 billion property development along the Crossrail route and making it easier than ever for residents in an and around London to commute effectively to jobs in the centre of the capital.

What are the three primary benefits of the New Cross Rail Project?

For those of you who are new to the details of this rail project, however, it is worth summarising its primary benefits for users. We have used this insightful infographic from as our inspiration, so consider the following:

New Crossrail 2019 Infographic (1)

The Crossrail Project will create more efficient commuter routes

As anyone who currently commutes to or works in London can testify, rush-tour traffic can be brutal. Even off-peak traffic has built in recent years, as congestion and rising population issues have continued to take their toll. This project will ease these issues considerably once it has been completed, however, by providing a faster and more accessible route for those who live in the east and west of the capital and look to commute on a daily basis. It is also estimated that the project will increase the efficiency of the Tube by 10%, creating much relief for commuters throughout London.

The Crossrail Project will create New Residential Housing

We have already touched on how a £3.3 billion property development has been inspired by the Crossrail project, with a number of residential houses been built along the route as part of this. This will help to correct the existing imbalance that exists between supply and demand in the housing market, which in turn is contributing to spiralling price points and largely disproportionate growth. Over time, this additional boost to housing in the capital will create more manageable growth and price inflation that the market can actually bear.

The Crossrail Project will produce numerous job opportunities

On a similar note, it is also worth confirming that this huge investment will see the development of retail space and new business opportunities within the capital. This in turn will create new job opportunities, while also making it easier for up to 200 million customers to optimise their working schedule in the capital. This benefit should be considered alongside the fact that multiple jobs have already been created through the construction of the Crossrail, so it is undoubtedly set to provide a huge economic boom in the UK.