If we are a responsible car driver, we go through all necessary steps and checks to monitor our vehicle properly. Many of us tend to check the most important components of their vehicle before taking it out for a long trip like, the engine, the fuel level, brakes and suspension to name a few. This is a clever vehicle monitoring act, however we all need to know that to be further safe on the road while driving we should have a proper MOT certificate too.

MOT is a compulsory vehicle test by UK vehicle laws to make sure that the vehicle is roadworthy and abides by all environmental safety laws.

Vehicles that require MOT test to be done should be three years of age from the date of it being purchased. However, if your vehicle has not yet crossed three years from purchase date then you do not require an MOT till your car crosses three years.

Some of the important vehicle parts that are being tested during an Mot Test are:

  • Steering & Suspension
  • Seats
  • Wipers/ Washers
  • Electric wiring & Battery
  • Lights
  • Fuel system
  • Tyre & Wheels
  • Exhaust System
  • Brakes

If any of the above mentioned car parts does not abide by MOT test then you fail the whole of the test. You then need to leave your vehicle to be repaired at the MOT service centre until the fault is fixed. Iverson Tyres provide one of the professional MOT services in London that you can avail anytime.

In case you are driving in London and anywhere else in the UK and you do not have a proper MOT certificate, you might undergo hefty fines by the government. If you are caught driving without an updated MOT certificate the fines can reach upto £2500. Hence be very careful and vigilant about your vehicle getting MOT check on time.