If you’re a veteran or new at bingo, you know how important it is to speak the lingo. It shows you understand the game and that you can hang with the best of players, it shows a better style. However, learning the lingo is easier said than done and can take time. But with a bit of help, you will be up and running in no time.

This article will look at online bingo lingo and help you with some of the terms. So if you’re ready to sound like you know what you’re doing, keep reading to learn more.

ABC’s of Online Bingo Lingo

Your vocabulary might change depending on the scenarios during an online bingo session. Different terms and jargon indicate something different. This section will look at the scenarios you might expect to hear specific terms.

1.     Reception Lingo

When a new online bingo session is about to start, players welcome each other with greetings. However, these are not your ordinary greetings but bingo lingo, which include:

  • GM- short for good morning
  • LTNS- long time no see
  • WB- welcome back
  • GTSY- glad to see you

So, if it’s your first joining an online game, don’t just sit there awkwardly wondering how to spark a conversation. Instead, start with greetings and keep it going.

2.     Chat Lingo

Now that everyone knows you’re logged in, it’s time to make an impression. Knowing chatroom etiquette and lingo will help you not stand out in all the wrong ways. Instead, it will inspire confidence in the players who want to talk to you and provide a way you can connect. Some chat room lingo to know is:

  • AKA- stands for also known as
  • AFAIK- as far as I know
  • ASAP- as soon as possible
  • K- kiss
  • BDT- bout darn time
  • BWT- by the way
  • CM- chart master
  • E1- everyone
  • FYI- for your information
  • IYKWIM- if you know what I mean
  • JTLYK- just to let you know
  • JJ- just joking
  • JK- just kidding
  • KOTC- kiss on the chick
  • KOTL- kiss on the lips
  • LMAO- laughing my ass off
  • LOL- laughing out loud
  • NP- no problem
  • LYWAMH- love you with all my heart
  • LY- love ya
  • OMG- oh my goodness
  • NETUA- nobody ever tells us anything
  • OTOH- on the other hand
  • Roomie- stands for another member in the chat, probably one you’re fond of
  • WYSIWYG- what you see is what you get
  • XOXO– hugs and kisses
  • YW- you’re welcome

When chatting with your fellow players, it’s essential to remember these terms and use them in the correct context. This will give you the best chance to sound like you belong and earn notoriety. It will also make your time playing much more pleasant.

Players chatting while playing bingo-Image via Pexels

3.     Game Lingo

During games, expert players communicate in ascertain way. To help you not stand out as a rookie, here are a few terms you should know before typing:

  • Bonanza bingo- this is the thirteenth game of a bongo session that is usually a backout jackpot
  • ?- please explain
  • Caller- this is the voice of the person calling out the numbers in a live bingo game
  • Jackpot- this is the main price that players are competing for and awarded to the winner
  • Numbers- these are the playing numbers that are drawn using balls and help determine the winner
  • Pattern- the arrangement of numbers that players must get to win a game
  • Winner- the player who immerges victorious in a game
  • 1TG- one bingo ball to bingo
  • 2TG- two bingo balls to bingo
  • 3TG- three bingo balls to bingo
  • BLNT- better luck next time
  • GG- good game
  • GLE- good luck everyone
  • ?4U- question for you
  • FAQ- frequently asked questions
  • GL- good luck
  • GLA- good luck all
  • SAC- sorry all close
  • Blackout- a bingo blackout is a pattern that, to win, a player has to cover the entire card, also known as a coverall
  • Buy in- this is the process of acquiring cards to start playing
  • Consolation prize- this is the reward offered to players if a game is not won within a specified number of calls

Understanding the game’s lingo will not only help you know what is going on, but it will also help you play better and enjoy your time more. In addition, you will feel part and parcel of the proceedings.

4.     Exiting Bingo Game Lingo

There is a polite way to let everyone know you’re about to leave a game. This helps other players know who is still in the game and is part of bingo culture. So before turning your machine off, ensure you salute everyone with a short:

  • B4N- bey for now
  • AFK- away from the keyboard
  • BBIAM- be back in a minute
  • BBL- be back later
  • BBS- be back soon
  • BRB- be right back
  • CU- see you
  • CYA- see ya
  • G2G- got to go
  • Poof- I have left the chat
  • TTFN- ta ta for now
  • TTYL- talk to you later
  • GN- good night

Respecting the bingo culture is part of belonging in the world, and doing it correctly by using the correct lingo will prove your prowess. Exiting correctly will also ensure the game continues seamlessly, which will be appreciated by other players.


Bingo is a fun and interesting game that keeps many busy for hours. As you’d expect, players have carved out their own unique way of communicating during playing sessions. This is essential in differentiating the game and separating the cream from the crop. So if you’re going to get into bingo, ensure you learn the lingo to help you become a better player and stand out.