Those who have been looking to become a part of something special will certainly not be disappointed when visiting London. While this city has become famous for its architecture, rich history and eclectic culture, there are a handful of hidden gems that should never be passed by. One example can be seen in the sheer variety of private members’ clubs that are embedded throughout the city.

Whether you wish to brush shoulders with the rich and famous or simply desire to experience a decidedly lesser-known side of the city, these organisations will not disappoint. Let us examine a handful of the most well-known clubs to get a better appreciation of what is in store.


Located in the heart of Mayfair, Tramp first opened its doors in 1969 and it has been attracting members ever since. As the team at Tatler notes, Tramp does not enforce a strict dress code. It therefore offers more of a laid-back atmosphere when compared to some other high-end establishments. Having said this, be sure to dress to impress if you hope to leave a lasting impression!


This members’ club is located next to the famous Mandarin Oriental and it displays the same level of opulence that we have com to expect from a typical Knightsbridge establishment. Pavilion is also known for its third-floor terrace that provides splendid views of nearby Hyde Park; certainly one of the most recognisable green spaces within greater London. This club offers different events on a weekly basis and it is even possible to register for Pilates classes!

Home House

Nestled within the confines of Marleybone, Home House has become famous for its 18th-cenury interior style. While this opulence cannot be overstated, its selection of cocktails is perhaps even more memorable. There are likewise numerous attractions to enjoy. From private DJ parties to bingo nights and painting by candlelight, even the most discriminating of tastes are catered to. Those who are already familiar with the amenities offered by serviced luxury apartments in London should take a closer look at Home House.


This final members’ club has come to define exclusivity. Annabel’s has been open since the 1960s and during this time, it has catered to the needs of some truly extraordinary guests. From former United States president Richard Nixon to contemporary diva Lady Gaga, this establishment defines the “best of the best”. Although the dress code is somewhat informal, securing admittance into Annabel’s make take a bit of time due to a lengthy guest list. It could still be worth the wait when we consider that the chances of running into a celebrity are relatively high.

Whether arriving to London for business or pleasure, it is always worthwhile to examine these and similar private members’ clubs in greater detail. Be sure to visit the official websites, as these will contain important information such as prices and availability. If you do indeed have a chance to frequent such establishments, there is little doubt that the memories alone will be well worth the entrance fee.