If you’ve made the decision to move to the south side of the capital, it might come as little surprise to you that you have rather a lot of choice on offer when it comes to places to call home.

There’s pretty much something for everyone across these many boroughs and districts, from family homes, to cool flats and more. To give you a clearer idea then – and to perhaps inspire your own move to the bright lights of the city – here are a few examples of the best places to live in South London.



If it’s a bit of green space you’re after – or you don’t want to live in the urban heart of the city – then Richmond is ideal. Boasting more parks than other areas (including the celebrated Richmond Park) there are lots of beautiful townhouses, and older buildings that make for a quieter existence in the capital. This is a particularly good choice for families or those looking to start one. 


For those of you looking for something a bit trendier, with great nightlife and lots of quirky flats then you should think about Brixton. There’s pretty much an event going on every day here and as such there’s plenty to do if you enjoy an active lifestyle. Better still, you can hop on the Victoria Line for quick access, direct to the centre.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that Peckham isn’t one of the most desirable areas of South London, what with its association with dodgy dealings on Only Fools and Horses. The reality though couldn’t be further from this; it’s seen huge redevelopment in recent years to become very cosmopolitan and a popular spot for young professionals. It can also be more affordable than the areas similar to this like Shoreditch and Hackney.


If you’re looking for something a little further out that offers similar amenities to places like Richmond, then Twickenham is what you’re after. Famed for its rugby and sporting events at the namesake stadium, there’s much more on offer for residents including: great transport, fewer crowded streets and congestion, excellent schools and enjoyable walks and scenery.

As this post clearly shows you’re certainly spoilt for choice. What’s best about South London though is you can move about relatively freely if you wish, or of course you can stay right where you are! Whatever your preferences, make sure you consider some of the above options and hopefully you’ll feel right at home in no time.