Calling all early birds. Or those that find it hard to get out of bed in the morning without a vat of coffee. Lipton wants to change your habits. They are hosting a series of early morning events across London this summer to give even the most sleepy risers a chance to wake up and shine. Forget your morning commute, Lipton Ice Tea are giving you a serious reason to wake up happy and chirpy – from a giant waterslide, to a cruise across the Thames, they are asking Londoners to see their early mornings differently. Want to wake up and be surrounded by beauty at the V&A? Well, now you can. They say: #BeADaybreaker.

Lipton Iced Tea: What


Did you know that Lipton has provided teas to over 150 countries since 1880? That’s a long time. And they are now the world’s leading tea brand, the most popular being black, of course! I like mine with milk and two sugars, if you’re making. Their second most popular flavour is green (don’t forget to use only 80% boiling water with your green tea, otherwise you will singe the leaves and make it taste awful). Lipton was actually the first brand to sell the tea in teabags. Genius.

Lipton Iced Tea: Events


They are hosting events throughout the summer. You can find out more on their Lipton’s website here, their Facebook here and Twitter here. For your chance to attend one of the special Lipton events, check out the #BeADaybreaker website here.

Sponsored post in association with Lipton Iced Tea