The Royal Ascot is one of the most highly anticipated horse racing events in the UK’s National Hunt Calendar. It takes place at the well-known Ascot Racecourse Ascot, Berkshire. There are tons of organized trips for this event, which means that getting there won’t be a massive problem, regardless of your starting point.

There’s no denying the fact that the Royal Ascot marks the start of the summer for horse racing fans. The 5-day event will start on Tuesday, June 14 and will last until Saturday, June 18. Below, we’ve also shared a few extra pieces of information that you ought to know about the races.

Royal Ascot Attendance

First things first, it is worth noting that due to the feedback that organizers received from racegoers in the 2021 event, the capacity limits for the Royal Enclosure, Queen Anne Enclosure and Windsor Enclosure will be reduced.

Ascot’s commercial director, Felicity Barnard, stated that the attendance during the 2021 event was 12,000 and people really “appreciated the benefit of additional space.” Organizers want to ensure comfort for all visitors this year, which is why capacities will be limited.

Many fans are also fans of placing a bet or two, especially on the first day. The first day of the event is packed with exciting races such as Queen Anne Stakes, Ascot Stakes, Coventry Stakes, Copper Horse Handicap, etc. Many sites offer tips on Day One and even though they do not guarantee you winnings, they can provide you with an insight into the races and this information can prove to be very useful.

Hospitality Packages

Hospitality is of huge importance as racegoers need to be provided with the best experience possible. The Internet is packed with information and that is why most of the people that will attend the event will search the online world for these services.

If you are on the lookout for a hospitality package, you can always access the official Ascot website. There are fine dining restaurants as well as private boxes. Fine dining restaurants offer tables for the day with impeccable service. On the other hand, private boxes offer private spaces for up to 10 guests and they feature uninterrupted views and bespoke service.

Some of the venues that offer hospitality packages for the Royal Ascot are:

  • Royal Ascot Village Restaurant
  • Old Paddock
  • Lawn Club
  • Green Yard
  • Furlong Restaurant
  • On 5 Restaurant
  • Balmoral Restaurant
  • Trackside Restaurant

The benefits of the hospitality packages vary, but they often include VIP access, experienced hospitality staff in attendance, views of the racing events, access to betting facilities, HD screens where you can watch the races, reserved table throughout the day, etc.


Logically, if you wish to attend the event, you will need to purchase a ticket. The good thing is that you can purchase tickets online, but if you do, make sure that your online security is on point. The ticket prices depend on the enclosure. Keep in mind that the prices might change.

Let’s start from June 14. The price for the Queen Anne Enclosure is £87, while the price for groups of 15 to 48 people is £82. The price for the Windsor Enclosure is £37 and groups of 15 to 48 people will pay only £33.

The ticket prices for these two events are the same on June 15. The tickets for Queen Anne Enclosure on June 16 are £99 and groups of 15-48 people will pay £95. The Village Enclosure ticket price is £69 and groups 15-48 are £63. Finally, the ticket price for the Windsor Enclosure on June 16 is £46 and £42 for groups 15-48 people.

Ticket prices remain the same throughout June 17, but they change for the final day. Village Enclosure’s ticket price is £71 and £66 for groups of 15-48. Windsor Enclosure’s ticket price is £64 and £58 for groups 15-48. Queen Anne Enclosure’s ticket prices are the same as on June 15 and June 16.

Dress Code

All of us want to dress to impress and show just how stylish we are, but that may not help you during Royal Ascot. Why? Because almost all enclosures during this event come with dress codes. Several outfits are not permitted and if you are planning on buying tickets to attend the event, we advise you to check the details and take notes of what to wear and what not to wear.