Each day this week, we’re shining a light on a business making positive action during the Covid-19 outbreak. Today’s positive spotlight is on the Landesberg family, who are doing amazing efforts to help those in need during the crisis. Some positive news for your Wednesday:

The Corona Care Challenge was launched by the Landesberg family (behind The Arts Club, AOK Kitchen and JAB). In the last six days the family have raised over £35,000 and packed & delivered over 200 bags.

Today is the first day they are supplying 1500 ready-made meals to NHS Hospitals in London. Head Chef Kostas Rampias of A.O.K Kitchen has come onboard to support the family with this initiative. 

They launched the challenge to raise money & encourage donations of products to put together care packages, which are then delivered to those in need.  The family are helping anyone from the immune suppressed, the elderly, single parents, those with disabilities, high risk people and also now helping the NHS staff in various hospitals across the capital.

They are supplying everything from non-perishable goods; tins, pasta, rice jams to fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy produce as well as household essentials like; laundry detergents, toilet roll, cleaning product & toiletries. They even have baby formula, baby wipes, nappies, baby food and dog and cat food.

You can donate to their Go Fund Me page here.

The family are also wanting to hear from anyone who is in need of support at this time: Coronacarechallenge@gmail.com