Each day this week, we’re shining a light on a business making positive action during the Covid-19 outbreak. Today’s positive spotlight is on Karshare. Some positive news for your Thursday:

A company called Karshare has launched today from the guys behind Car & Away, the Airbnb of cars. Originally situated at Gatwick and Bristol Airports, the company rented out your car while you were on holiday. However, in the current situation not many people are travelling abroad so they’ve announced a new innovation.

The Karshare scheme is a brand new, free community car share scheme to help move essential services around the city of Bristol during the lockdown. Inspired by the early efforts in the Bristol community, Karshare aims to establish a fleet of 500 cars, on loan from members of the local community, to be used by charity workers, food bank and NHS volunteers, health workers and care workers, absolutely free of charge.

How does it work? Well, they need hundreds of Bristolians to donate their unused cars for a week, Karshare will collect them, clean them and fully insure them. The cars will then be loaned to local charities, NHS volunteers, food banks and frontline workers who can use them to keep essential goods and services moving in Bristol. After a week helping the local community, the cars will be fully cleaned and returned to their owners.

With the majority of cars sitting idle in driveways during lockdown, it’s a fantastic way to help the local community – without having to leave your home.

For more information or to donate your car for a week, visit www.karshare.com