Each day this week, we’re shining a light on a business making positive action during the Covid-19 outbreak. Today’s positive spotlight is on Addison Lee, who have launched a  ‘donate a ride campaign’ offering free rides to NHS workers in London:

Yesterday, Addison Lee launched its ‘Donate a Ride’ campaign which will see London’s largest PHV operator partner with its corporate clients to offer free rides to and from hospital for NHS workers across the city. Addison Lee, which has 80% of the FTSE100 as customers, has made the first donation, contributing £50,000 to the fund.

The initiative is part of Addison Lee’s commitment to support the nation’s capital in the fight against coronavirus by ensuring those on the frontline can get to and from work safely, comfortably and efficiently. The free rides will be made available to NHS trusts within the M25 – over the coming days, Addison Lee will work with those trusts to distribute the donations and allow their workers to access the initial free rides. As more partners join the scheme, more free rides will be offered.

Already there has been a fantastic response from the British public, who matched Addison Lee’s contribution of £50,000 overnight with the fund breaking through the £100,000 mark as donations continued to rise! Addison Lee’s British corporate clients who want to help will also be able to donate. 

For members of the public who want to contribute, Addison Lee has established a GoFundMe page, which can be found here.