London should be, beyond any doubt, on everyone’s travel bucket list. This metropole has so much to offer: breath-taking architecture, fabulous restaurants and pubs, excellent shopping experiences, impressive views, and a lot of museums.

Would it be too much to say that it’s a city for everyone? We don’t think so – whether you’re visiting London for educational or entertainment purposes, you’ll find everything that might interest you. London is not just a travel destination to enjoy once in your lifespan – it’s a city to return to every time you need a little reminder that you live in a country that abounds in culture and history.

Are you wondering about the weather? You don’t have to! Rainy roads and foggy parks are part of London’s charm. And if you’re looking to visit a dynamic place, you’ll find a plethora of vividness in every nook and corner.

Anyway, you have to consider a few aspects before exploring London’s streets. These will help you escape touristy traps and enjoy a perfect weekend in the city of fog. Keep reading!

Avoid planning a packed itinerary

Like many other metropoles around the world, London can’t be explored in a weekend. We hope you’re well aware of this fact. Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, London Eye, Westminster Abbey, and Tower Bridge are just the most popular attractions, but there are countless spots worth visiting. Unfortunately, you can’t explore London in a couple of days. But this is part of its charm! Our advice would be to think carefully about what you really want to visit at that particular time and plan your trip in advance. It’s not just like you got there and saw it all. Even if you want to explore London and get familiar with its fascinating culture, you’d better leave something for another time.

Don’t forget about leaving room in your programme for the unexpected. It’s much more enjoyable to visit a few main tourist attractions and then go with the flow. Explore the rainy streets of London, admire the architecture of each building, visit some shops, and live the life of locals – you won’t regret it. If you live in the U.K., you can anytime return to London to other famous sights, and even if you live in another country, it’s not that hard to book a flight.

Most importantly, don’t take it for granted that it’s easy to check all the locations on your list – even if they’re pretty close to each other, you’re not a local to know every corner and every shortcut, so you’d better plot any sightseeing spot into Google Maps on your phone. This way, you’ll find them quicker and save time for the unexpected.

Always book tickets in advance

A #1 rule when visiting London (or any major city on the map) is that you should always book your attraction tickets beforehand. “Skip-the-line” tickets are the best choice when it comes to ticket booking, but if it’s not possible, any type of ticket is helpful as long as you book them in advance. Remember that time is a luxury, especially when visiting a megalopolis like London, and In-advance booking, in this case, saves your precious time. You’ll draw the long straw if you purchase skip-the-line tickets because you’re no longer forced to wait in those depressing on-site lines.

Explore the city on a free walking tour

Sometimes it’s much more affordable to go walking and discover the city than spend money riding cabs or taking the underground. And do you know what the great news is? You have plenty of possibilities in the city of Shakespeare. There are all kinds of walking tours – from free and paid tours to speciality and quirky tea tours. But the best way to explore London and learn about its traditions on a budget is by choosing a free walking tour. In this kind of tour, you decide how much you pay – you either take it for free or pay what you think it’s worth.

Be cautious, though, when exploring the London streets and attractions. Since there’s so much rain, the walkways are always wet, so you have to pay special attention to every area you’re crossing. Accidents on the streets, aka slip and fall accidents, are more common than you imagine, and they can result in serious injuries. So, if it ever happens to fall down a stairway or slip on a wet floor, don’t assume that it was your fault. In some cases, the private property owners are responsible for keeping their property safe for walkers or pedestrians; this responsibility is called premises liability. In case of a fall, it’s crucial to act and do it quickly. Some of the most critical steps include seeking medical help and contacting a personal injury lawyer. If you’ve suffered severe damage, you’re most probably eligible for compensation, so don’t hesitate to make a claim and make yourself justice.

Use public transportation

It would be a pity not to take the bus on your London trip. A ride with the iconic red double-decker is not only a must-try but also a great way to save money. Other means of public transportation would be the underground or what Londoners call “the tube.” But if you want to make some savings, you’d better take the bus because it will cost you 1.50 pounds no matter how far you’re travelling. Instead, the tube’s fare varies according to the time of the day you’re travelling and travel areas. Your purpose is to sightsee as much as possible, so it would be better to start thinking about your transportation. We know that riding a black cab is a symbolic experience in London, but don’t abuse it; otherwise, you’ll find yourself in an unpleasant situation where you have to make compromises.

Other recommendations for a perfect weekend in London include:

  • be cautious when crossing the streets
  • take advantage of the incredible places to eat
  • relax in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens
  • grab some food in Borough Market
  • ride the London Eye
  • take a Jack the Ripper tour

London is such a fantastic place to visit! We hope our insights will make you more curious about this marvellous foggy city.