On deciding to sell your current home and move elsewhere, there will no doubt be a lot on your mind. Where do you want to live? Where can you afford to move to? Will the prospective new home be better than the current one? All these questions and more are likely to surface, but the task of selling where you presently live should be high on your to-do list.

To finance your dream new home, getting the best possible price for where you live now is hugely important. This means making sure it’s appealing to prospective buyers, is ready to move into and doesn’t need much by way of renovation. What are the steps you, as a seller, need to take to make your property worth more?

Get a Valuation Right Away

Firstly, you should find out how much your property is actually worth. According to Hatched.co.uk, a second opinion is worth seeking. Having an agent come to your house and work out a more accurate value will help you to learn what to expect when selling. Also, it will make it easier for you to work out how much more you can get from your soon-to-be ex-property.

Spend Time in the Garden

To some homeowners, gardens are little more than an afterthought, but they can have an impact on how buyers see your property. You won’t need to do too much work; all that’s really needed is a mown lawn, even paving and a weed-free garden. If it looks neat and tidy, that will give the new owner something to work with and may leave them inclined to pay more.

Repair and Replace

Take a good look around the home for any faulty appliances, wiring or piping. Any fault could seriously undermine the property’s value, making it a less attractive proposition for buyers. You can complete the simple repairs yourself using a heavy duty cordless drill to fix any loose fixings or units in your home. If you need help, call a registered plumber, electrician or any other relevant handyman to get those problems seen to. Websites such as Rated People and Checkatrade can find people close to you.

“Also, keep an eye out for local tradespeople that friends or family may have used. Word of mouth is often one of the best ways to get decent professionals to do any works required,” says Ruban Selvanayagam of We Buy Any House company Property Solvers.

Also, keep a firm eye on any cracks, peeling paint or damp patches on the walls and ceilings. Any imperfections could hint at bigger structural problems that may cost thousands to repair, but it’s worth fixing them just to make sure you can actually sell it.

Make Some Room

Space is highly sought-after by many house-hunters. It’s estimated that a parking space can add around 5% to the value of a home, so if you don’t have one already, look at whether you can accommodate one. Inside your home, built-in wardrobes and closets can make a big difference, as can converting your loft to add another room for large families.